Tasty Drinks with South American Flair

Whether it’s a shot of flavor in your diet drink or a custom Italian soda mix, popular fizzy drinks are more popular than ever. But for some, there is a cultural connection.

Maria Call shares a few South American drinks that Utahns will enjoy.

Mate Herbal Drink

1. Pour some yerba mate into the gourd.

2. Fill gourd to brim with water.

3. Let gourd sit filled with water and yerba mate for a day.

4. Clean inside with water.

5. Dry gourd in window light or other arid condition for a day or two.

Drinking mate:

1. Fill 2/3 of the gourd (mate) with Yerba and pour water in it, just enough to moist the Yerba and let it sit (swell) for a few minutes

2. Push the Yerba to one side with the bombilla (metal straw) creating a “whole” where the hot water will be poured.

3. Pour hot water, the first couple of sips will be strong but the flavor will get softer after that. Once you have poured water two to three times, work your way around the gourd creating new “wholes” in order to get all flavor from Yerba.

4.Sugar can be added for “Sweet Mate”.

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