Tax Time

Heather Tritten is the Executive Director for the Utah Community Action Partnership Association.

She shared some important information about a new program that could help a lot of Utahns out during these tough economic times. It’s called the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit.

The program:

• offsets burden of Social Security and Medicare taxes on low-wage workers

• makes employment more attractive than welfare

• provides tax credits for working families

• provides an average refund of about $1,700 for qualifying low-income families

• you may not even owe any federal income tax and still get the credit

• 137,000 Utahns have used it

• 40,000 can still get $60 to $80 million that’s unclaimed

There are lots of people that qualify, but are not aware of it. Some of them are low to moderate income families, working families and individuals, and those that do not have to owe federal income tax.

The program also teaches people how to make this extra money work for them. Qualifying families get help with tax preparation from trained volunteers. The program connects families with trained volunteers who can help them invest their money to get education, buy a new home, start a business, or save for retirement.

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