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Emily Hover from Pioneer Party and Gift, shares eight ideas for giving a gift that stands out from the rest.

1. Teacher’s Naughty & Nice Clipboard: This is simply an inexpensive clipboard that we have covered with Christmas paper, added ribbon to the top, and a “Naughty & Nice List” tag on the bottom. For the notepad, we just copied a list for the “naughty” and a list for the “nice” on cardstock and cut to a 5×7 card. We Mod Podge to adhere all the layers. Think of how cute this would be setting on the teacher’s desk during December.

2. Supply Stocking: A lot practical with a little twist of Christmas … fill an inexpensive stocking full of school supplies. We have these darling modern high heeled stockings for only $5 (online or in-store)! Fill it with supplies from the dollar store and you’re all ready! A free download for a tag to add to this gift is found on our blog at www.pioneerpartyandgift.blogspot.com. The tag reads, “Supplying you with Christmas Cheer!”

3. Christmas Paperware (plates, napkins, cups): Another practical gift but we’ve added a darling little tag to tie it all in. Gather your Christmas plates, napkins, cups and put it a basket or just tie a ribbon around it all. The tag could read, “Some papers for you that you don’t have to grade! Merry Christmas”; or “Some papers you don’t have to mark in red … Set them out for a party instead! Merry Christmas!”

4. Sentimental Coach Gift – This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! We have shown it for a coach’s gift, but it would be great for grandparents, parents, teachers, etc. So what to do: Have the whole team (or siblings, etc) write a letter to the recipient. Half page works best if you have lots of letters. They can be hand written or typed. Then roll the papers so the writing is showing … and tape to hold. Fill a Kraft box full of chocolates or other goodies, but it has to be something that is heavy enough to hold the big bow on top. Take two of your rolled letters and layer them on top of each other: tie together with the ribbon you will be using. Then take two more, layer, and tie on top of the first two. You continue to do this until you have used all of your letters. Embellish with yet more ribbon and add your tag! (We used 7 letters for our bow…)

5. Pringles Can Door Gift /Cookie Canister: This is my all time favorite! I love how this simple Pringles Can turns into a classy container! So we used Mod Podge to adhere our Christmas paper onto the can. You can use a single sheet, or multiple patterns. Add ribbon and other embellishments if you’d like. We drilled a small hole on each side towards the top to attach our ribbon thru. Then the real fun begins! Some ideas to fill up your canister: Any type of homemade cookie (I was thinking the homemade Oreo cookies would fit in perfect), chocolate pretzel rods, mini muffins, a scarf, mittens, the possibilities are endless! But it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or spectacular, because the canister is so darling! Fun to hang on someone’s door knob. Another idea is to use it for a Christmas savings bank.

6. Holly Jolly Christmas: This is a gift you can make very inexpensive – so good if you have multiple children and multiple teachers! We have just taken two of the Jolly Rancher sticks (hard to find, but a good novelty) and put them in a cello bag with a tag on top that says “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Also cute to fill a mason jar full of the little Jolly Ranchers and tie a big ribbon around the top with the tag hanging down. A teacher could keep this on her/his desk all year!
We have these tags on our blog for a FREE DOWNLOAD!
Visit www.pioneerpartyandgift.blogspot.com (Also good for kids’ friend gifts!) You can also order the gifts ready-made online.

7. Signed ball for a Coach: “Hope your Christmas is a BALL! Enjoy your break!” Have all the team members sign a basketball and wrap it up for a gift he/she will always remember! To wrap it up: make or buy a fancy cake stand, then wrap up in cellophane to hold the ball on the platter. This will definitely dress up the ball for giving!

8. Coke Tree: What teacher (neighbor, friend) doesn’t need a little Diet Coke in their life? We have taken a 12 pack of Coke and made it into a little Christmas tree, served on a silver platter! You will create a circle with 6 of the cans – one in the middle to make 7 – and taped them together around the outside with clear packaging tape. Then the next layer will be 4 cans – tape together in a circle as well. We have used glue dots to keep the 3 layers of coke from not toppling over! Add ribbon on each layer, a tag, a silver platter – and you have a unique gift that your teacher will be sure to enjoy! The tag could read, “Can I COKE’s you into having a relaxing and wonderful Christmas?”

For more information or to purchase online visit www.pioneerpartyandgift.com

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