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Tech Check: 6 college gadgets your university kids will thank you for

These are the must-have college gadgets for the 2021 school year.

It’s about time to start getting the dorm room all set up! Even if your kids are veteran college students, these gadgets will be a game changer this school year. They probably already have the laptop, so get your hands on a few additional items that will make their semester a lot cooler, and more convenient!

Amy Iverson shares six college gadgets that will make your student’s life a lot easier. If AirPods aren’t their cup of tea, an alternative noise cancelling option might be their new fave. And every college apartment needs a good quality bluetooth speaker.

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College Gadgets Shopping Guide

Soundcore Noise Cancelling Headphones, $79.99

Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker, $69.00

Pottery Barn Tech Smart Avalon Faux Headboard $269

Yuemi Bedside Caddy Pocket, $7.99

Google Nest Wifi Router, $169

Lovebox, $119.99

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