Tech Inspired Romance

Jessica Foust, with Top TenREVIEWS, shares hi-tech ideas to help couples stay connected and even inspire romance.

Hi-Tech products make it easy to stay connected whether it’s through your phone, computer, and apps. Emails, text messages, photos and video help keep you in each other’s thoughts throughout the day.


1. Use a Webcam. Seeing each other through a webcam can fill in the missing connection that phone conversations may leave.

2. Skype. In a long distance relationship? Use Skype’s free video chat with your webcam to help bridge the gap that distance can cause.

3. Email. Sending a quick email is a quick way to give your love a little boost throughout their day.

4. Use Apps.

   a. Netflix.
      i. A great app for a romantic movie night. If you’re apart for a          few days, watch the same movie on Netflix at the          same time. Call each other whenever you feel like          commenting.

   b. Love and Romance Tips.
      i. This app has romance tips for both sexes. Plus for those          with bad memories it has a dedicated section for reminders          and notes – like an anniversary.

   c. Love-O-Matic.
      i. A quick fun app to see how well couples match up.

   d. Real Love Notes.
      i. Choose from 140 quotes or make up your own personal          message to send via email, MMS, Facebook, or Twitter.

   e. Super Dates.
      i. Get past the predictable “dinner and a move” date. This app          has great unique date ideas. It has a “shake-a-date”          feature that can quickly come up with a date as you shake          your phone.

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