Tech Toys for Moms On-The Go

Lauren Horsley, Traveling Mom Contributor at shares her picks for High Tech Mom savers:


Busy parents can make the most of their days by using down-time effectively. Having a laptop with me while I’m running around means I can blog while waiting for Kindergarten pickup or answer emails and shop online during dance class. The Toshiba Mini Netbook 205 is the perfect daily companion for moms on-the-go because it’s light weight (less than 3 lbs!), has 9 whopping hours of battery life, and is beautifully designed to be thin and sleek, making it super portable and amazingly durable! It fits nicely into a diaper bag or purse and is so compact that you won’t even know you have it until you need it. With 3 USB ports and a SD card docking station, you can plug in a broadband card and upload photos or video footage to your heart’s content.

You can find the Toshiba Mini Netbook 205 HERE, priced at $399.99

As a traveling mom, I’ve tired quickly of hauling around both a digital camera and a video cam to document my family’s adventures. The Sony Webbie is an all-in-one, capturing both photos and footage on a memory card, so no more fiddling with tapes. It records up to 8.5 hours of footage, so you can film the kiddos all day at Disneyland without running out! Plus, it’s light-weight and tiny, so it slips easily into pockets and purses.

You can find the Sony Webbie HERE, priced at $179.99

Keeping families close together, no matter the distance, can definitely help relieve the biggest source of Mommy-stress: Guilt. A traveling parent can be part of daily life and “be there” for all their child’s important moments with the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. The image quality is absolutely gorgeous – razor sharp even in extreme close-ups, which means you can show off baby’s new tooth to your husband while he’s on a business trip. Because it’s so small it can go with you everywhere and is easy to set up for Grandparents. In fact, I heard a mom on Twitter comment that she was getting her sewing done while her children sat in the room and chatted with their Nanna and Poppa.

You can find the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HERE, priced at $99.99

I can’t tell you how many times I have lost the one little slip of paper that I suddenly need the most – an important phone number, favorite recipe, long grocery list, etc. The newest cell phones coming out make organization effortless and memory unnecessary! The AT&T Blackberry Bold is absolutely amazing because it contains everything we’ve talked about thus far – photo/video capabilities, uploading potential and internet which means you can access GPS, email, Twitter, Ebay, IM, etc. Add on to that video, music and games! Plus, they’ve got all sorts of handy apps to help you out around the house – at the store I can look up sales, comparison shop, reference the grocery list organizier and even check ingredients in recipes. When I get home, I prop up my phone on the kitchen counter while I cook!

You can find the Blackberry Bold HERE, prices vary depending on the provider/plan you select.

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