Teen Scene: Makeover Magic

Amber Evans, New Faces Director with the McCarty Talent Agency, shares a few magic makeover tricks to help teens build beauty – both inside and out.


Transforming your image, look and personality requires some mental preparation. A makeover is intended to be lasting for the client and not just something to do as an activity for that day. The purpose of a makeover is to enhance your overall beauty and appeal. Much of this depends on attitude and commitment to being the best you can be. So here are “Tips for Teens” that you can use to bring out the beauty in you.

1. Take some time to reflect on how you think you are perceived.

How do you see yourself? Think about how much time and energy you set aside to improve yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I want to bring out and enhance the beautiful aspects of my physical appearance and personality?” If so, a mental commitment to doing the work is necessary. Make a firm decision that you will be committed to do what it takes to be more beautiful and tell yourself that you are worth the investment that it takes.

2. Look in the mirror.

Zoom in on your head and fully examine your hair, face, smile and skin. Make a list of things you like and make another list of things you think need improvement. Develop a plan for addressing these things. Look at your whole body image in the mirror and do the same type of thing.

3. Read and Learn!

Magazines and books that teach about hair, make up, fashion, skin care, nutrition, exercise, body fitness, self esteem and positive attitudes. Practice and learn these techniques. It is always more fun if you share the learning process with a friend.

4. Remember inner beauty truly is just as important as outer beauty.

Pay attention to your morals, values, attitudes, lifestyle choices and spend time reflecting on all of these things. The more you spend time pondering these matters, the more likely it will be that you will choose positive attitudes and lifestyle choices as opposed to simply “going with the flow.” People who smile often and have positive attitudes are so much more beautiful than negative people who may be cynical or sarcastic. It can be draining to be around negative people. Pay attention to these types of things in yourself and in others.

5. Keep a beauty journal.

Make notes about your progress and monitor how you feel as you see yourself becoming more beautiful. Notice how others respond to you.

6. Remind yourself being beautiful is an attitude and state of mind.

It is one that you choose in life and it continually needs nurturing and development. Beautiful people are not stagnant; they are always improving and refining their gifts because living is a process, not a defined goal to achieve. Being Beautiful will always be a process and will require your personal commitment to be the best you can be. Smile at yourself and tell yourself that you are always worth the investment!

7. Go make the world more beautiful!


Amber Michelle Evans is the New Faces Director for McCarthy Modeling Agency in Salt Lake City and has been finding beautiful people and faces for over fourteen years. She has learned from years of experience, behind the camera and in front of it, that beauty is a complete package. She believes, “True beauty is a complete wholeness of inner satisfaction and confidence shining so brightly from the inside out, that others feel this unmistakable warmth while taking in the pleasure of the physical beauty radiating towards them, and this creates an attraction that is strong and intriguing.” Simply put, “True beauty is a combination of how you present yourself physically, while radiating sincerity and compassion to others in a comfortable and confident manner.”

Amber was crowned Miss New York Teen some years ago, and was also voted “Miss Congeniality” unanimously by all of the other contestants in the contest, which set a first time record for this situation. It was years later that Amber realized that these honors were given to her because of early lessons she learned in her childhood. She observed her parents as they reached out to others and extended their sincerity and kindness, and these values were instilled in her. Many women come with physical beauty, but the difference in “Being Beautiful” is how one carries their inner and outer beauty, and how they present their overall beauty to the world. Amber grew up learning the secrets of inner and outer beauty and this is what made her successful in beauty pageants and also made her loved by other contestants. Amber believes that beauty is not a competition. It is about embracing the goodness that we see in each other and increasing it’s brightness for all the world to see. Amber is excited to share what she has learned from living and working, with other women of all ages in her forthcoming book, currently titled, “Being Beautiful” which will be published later this year.

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