T-Shirt Transformations

Studio 5 Contributor Jonnie Hartman provides that creativity, and the patterns to turn t-shirts into everything from purses to fashion accessories.


T-Shirt Purse


2 different t’ shirts

Ribbons or other notions to decorate with

thread needle

sewing machine

How to:

1. Cut 2 triangle pieces out of T shirts (Try to save the original seam so there is one less seam for you to sew.)

2. Put one triangle inside the other.

3. Sew seams (if you are not hand sewing the center where the triangles over lap make sure you machine sew that first.)

4. Tie knot at top

5. Embellish with whatever you want to make it unique!

T-shirt Flowers



thread needle

sewing machine

How to:

1. Cut 3 oval shapes about 2 inches by 5 inches.

2. Gather Stitch in the center across the narrow part.

3. Pull gather until you get the desired amount of “bunch”.

4. Over lap pieces in a staggered pattern until it looks like several petals of a flower.

5. Stitch center together.

6. Add button, ribbon or what ever you choose for center of flower.

7. Pin onto bag or clothing with safety pin so you can use wherever you want!

Revamped Wrap T- shirt


T-shirt ( preferably men’s size)

Scarf or second t- shirt

needle thread or sewing machine.

How to:

1. Cut out collar of t shirt.

2. Make a “v” about 10 inches long from neck down to center of shirt.

3. Cut straight up center of shirt (cut will meet the point of the “V”) 4. Cut off sleeves.

5. Cut length of sash two pieces, about 54 inches measurements vary according to waist size.

6. Try on shirt. Pin sash in desired location.

7. Sew each piece of sash to inside of shirt about 5 to 7 inched below “V”.

8. Cut slit in side seam of shirt for sash to pull through.

9. Tie small amount of fabric around shoulder of shirt to create a no sew gather.

10. Pull one sash underneath and through side slit, Pull other sash on top of shirt. Tie in bow or knot.

Wiggle Proof Baby sleep sack


Old cozy Flannel

needle thread or sewing machine.

How to:

1. Measure baby to see how long to make your sack.

2. Cut a square shape and round the bottom corners.

3. Cut half octagon shape at top of sack. ( for babies arms and head) 4. Sew along side and bottom leaving top open.

5. Make overall like straps ( no longer than 4.5 inches for infants) 6. Sew back straps to sack.

7. Attach to front with Velcro, or make a slit and tie a knot.


If you would like to contact Jonnie about any of her artwork, you can at:

Layshun Design


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