Layering To Stay Warm

Tom Gyuro, from Canyon Sports, explains the new technology in layer and how new materials will keep you warmer with less bulk.


Base Layering Apparel

The latest technology in fighting the cold war is the new micro fiber base layering apparel. MTF technology, a product of Hot Chili’s base layer brand, now offers consumers the ability to stay warm without dressing like a polar bear.

These new synthetic fibers transfer moisture know as wicking, away from the body keeping the skin dry thus warm. In the past we dressed with cotton and a lot of it. The problem with that method is the moisture our bodies produced becomes trapped against our skin and makes us cold. Think of it this way, if you are out in the cold and your hands are exposed you’re cold, right, now if someone dumps water on your hands they become even colder. If you can transfer the moisture away from your body, and keep the skin dry, your body stays warm and you can dress with much less dense clothing. This now allows for more comfortable and form fitting apparel.


The latest advancement in gloves is the addition of specially designed glove liners. These liners in the past have been thin cotton glove liners. With the advancement in the fiber technology we now have the ability to wear these liners and provide greatly increased warmth to our hands. These liners now are available for both gloves and mittens, both adult and children. If you have not used them, it makes a great difference in hand warmth.


Sport specific socks and fibers that wick the moisture from your skin are the latest rage for the outdoor enthusiast. Socks now are made that are specific to your activity, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountaineering and more. These socks have padding strategically placed to maximize the comfort based on your activity. The new breed of sock like “Smart Wool” have the synthetic fibers that will wick the moisture from your feet thus allowing them to remain warmer than with traditional socks.


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