The Apple iPad

Studio 5 Contributor and technology specialist, Jessica Foust from Top Ten Reviews rates Apple’s latest creation.

Apple’s brand new iPad Wi-Fi tablet computer has finally arrived! The iPad converges many of your current devices into one. If you take a digital photo frame, netbook, gaming device, e-reader and put them all together into one device, you will have an iPad. It won’t yet replace your laptop, but the 9.7 inch screen is nice for surfing the web, watching videos, working on documents, or emailing.


• Video

• Good Performance

• 10 hour battery life

• Games

• E-books

• iTunes Connectivity

• Built-in Dictionary

• Apps


• No USB ports

• No camera

• Video is not true HD

• It’s heavy

• Hard to read in bright sunlight

• Does not multitask

• Virtual keyboard is awkward

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