The Bar Method

If you are ready to firm and lengthen, look no further than the Bar Method.
Studio 5 Health & Fitness Editor Halli Tinti just had to give it a shot. She
says there is no other class like this one.

The Bar Method is a franchise out of San Francisco and although there are
70 Bar Methods throughout the country, it is new to Salt Lake City. The Bar
Method is an hour-long total body workout that combines isometrics,
interval training, dance conditioning, and sports rehabilitation to quickly
and safely burn fat and carve muscle. Classes are high intensity, no-
impact, and composed of eight to nine strengthening exercises that work
muscles to total exhaustion, followed by stretches. This combination
creates a long, lean, firm, sculpted body. New students usually begin to
see changes in their body within the first 30 days of consistent classes.

Benefits of the Bar Method are:
Firm, elongated muscles
Reduced body fat
High muscle definition in the upper body
Improved posture
Long, narrow thighs
A lifter seat and definded hamstrings
Strong, flat abdominals
Increased stamina and energy
Extended youthfulness

“The Bar Method employs killer muscle-building poses…to sculpt such
overlooked areas as the back, core, butt, and shoulders.” – Esquire

“Do these bar- based moves and you’ll lose three inches from your waist
and thighs-and see all over definition- in a month” – Health Magazine

“I run and skate ski-running is hard on my knees and skate skiing can
tighten your muscles, but since I’ve been taking the class, I find it tones my
core and strengthens my leg and abdominal muscles. Stretches between
exercises are built into the sequence of the class.” – Salt Lake City Student
-Jen Beck Lair

The Bar Method
1057 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah
(Park and Enter on north side)

New Client Special: 30 days of unlimited classes for $99

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