Workout While You’re Away

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you put your workout on hold.

Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, shares a powerful 20-minute “small space” workout that efficiently pumps up your metabolic rate without a single piece of equipment.

Are you stuck in a hotel room? Traveling a bunch? Or just trying to figure out how to get motivated to move in a tiny space? If so, try this incredible little workout that can bring big results! In just 25 minutes, this small-space workout helps you burn calories, build upper body strength, tighten your abs, and shape up your booty and thighs.

It’s great to do while you catch up on the news, or better yet, while listening to your favorite tunes (find a few songs that are at least 130 beats per minute to keep your energy up).

Perform the following five exercises for one minute each:

1. Jog in place
Make it more vigorous by adding big “reach” arms and high knees

2. Frog Squat Jumps
Start with a basic squat for easy version. Then frog squat down (touch floor) and powerfully jump squat up, reaching arms high for vigorous version.

3. Knee-tuck Push-up… on the Bed
Yep, you get to do this on the bed. (I love that I don’t have to get down on the floor in a hotel room… and the bed is softer on the wrists). If you have two beds in your hotel room, this one is fun to do with hands on one bed and feet on the other bed (more stability training). Start in plank position, squeeze abs tight. Tuck your right knee into your chest (crunch your abs), return to plank, then tuck the left knee, and return to plank. Then do a push up. So it’s 4 counts of core (tuck knees) and 4 counts of upper body awesome.

4. Sock Sliders
Put on a slippery pair of socks and do leg scissors, keeping the feet in contact with the floor the entire time. Alternate legs scissoring front to back, then go out and in (to the side).

5. Desk Pull-ups
Do a plank with alternating side arm raise if you don’t have a desk. If you have a desk (hotel room), put your feet in the chair, your head under the desk and hold onto the desk while in a decline position. Pull yourself up using your lats (back), biceps and core.

Circuit 1: perform each move for 1 minute at an easy “warm up” pace.
Circuit 2: perform each move for 1 minute at a “moderate” pace.
Circuit 3: perform each move for 1 minute at a “vigorous” pace.
Circuit 4: perform each move for 1 minute at a “vigorous” pace.
Circuit 5: perform each move for 1 minute at an easier “cool down” pace.

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