The Hunger Game

Strike the right balance between hunger, exercise and weight loss. It’s so much easier said than done. To eat or not to eat, or did I burn enough calories to eat that cookie?

Personal trainer Jeni Nielsen has the keys you help us beat the Hunger Game and channel that inner fighter in all of us who are trying to lose those extra pounds.

Things to look out for in the game of balancing game of hunger and exercise.

“After Workout Cravings”
You know the greasy fast food you crave after a workout? Stay away. Food loaded with fat and sugar will ruin your best sweat session. There is a 60 minute window after a workout that you can fuel your body with healthy food. Some good things to consider eating after a workout; hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, protein shake, or a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread.

There is a curve ball that most people don’t catch when it comes to hunger and that curve ball is that they are actually thirsty, not hungry at all.

“Hunger vs Thirst”
Make sure to drink water throughout the day and before you snack on anything after a workout, be sure to drink 8 ounces of water. You may find you’re not hungry at all after a nice glass of water.

It’s never okay to skip a meal.

“Hunger vs. Starvation”
Skipping a meal will only hinder your ability to lose weight by slowing your metabolism. It’s okay to feel slight hunger, but never starve yourself. If you are eating 4-6 small meals a day you most likely won’t ever feel hungry.

Be sure to know if you really are hungry before you eat.

“Am I really Hungry?”
Stop and think before you eat. Why are you eating? Is it because you are really hungry, you’re bored or everyone else is eating? There are common signs for true hunger. Your stomach will hurt, your head will hurt or you will begin to feel shaky. This is a sign you have gone passed the point of hunger and are starving. This will also slow your metabolism.

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