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The Bare Naked Face

Professional Make-up Artist Holly Mathie reveals this season’s hottest trend.

Skin is in! This year, don’t hide behind heavy make-up.


To get an even complexion without looking made-up try a tinted moisturizer. I like Sonia Kashuk “Radiant” available at Target. Neutrogena “Glow Sheers”, and Cover Girl “Smoothers” are nice too. Or, if you have a foundation that you love, mix 1/4 portion foundation with 3/4 portion moisturizer. Apply with a foundation brush in downward, outward strokes (to lay down the facial hair).

Foundation brushes are useful for 2 reasons:

1) They are synthetic. Thus they are not porous and will not absorb your foundation. You will use 30% less foundation by using a brush. This will save you money.

2) A foundation brush moves the product around the skin giving it an airbrushed look. Flawless! This will save you time.


Mascara and gloss can get you out the door with a polished yet natural look. Don’t forget a slight touch of bronzer to give you that summer glow!

What to look for when buying a mascara:

1) The brush.

Choose a brush whose bristles are farther apart if you want volume. If you want defined lashes, choose a brush whose bristles are closer together. A curved mascara brush does not give curved lashes. It just distributes the mascara differently.

2) The formulation.

If you want volumized, self-curling, or defined lashes, look for that somewhere in the description. Remember that most waterproof mascaras require eye make-up remover to remove. Waterproof mascara can be drying to the lashes if used daily.

Brands I prefer: L’Oreal “Lash Out” for defining, L’Oreal “Voluminous” or Maybelline “Great Lash” for volumizing. L’Oreal owns Lancome so you can almost always find a close equivalent in the L’Oreal Drug Store line to what is sold at Department Store Lancome


There are 2 kinds of lip gloss:

1) The really sticky, high shine glosses commonly called lacquers

2) The moisturizing, glassy looking glosses.

This is a complete issue of preference. If you can tolerate the thicker glosses, they give the most shine. If you must have a gloss but do not want to feel like you a pulling taffy with your lips, try a wand gloss. Do not spend a lot of money on lip gloss. Most drug store lines are comparable in texture and color to department store lines. Stila’s “Lipglaze” will cost you $20. You can buy the EXACT same lipgloss at Wal-Mart in the Caboodles line for $4.49–and I prefer the taste of Caboodles more. For the high shine glosses, I like Cover Girl “Wet Slicks”, for the moisturizing glassy gloss, I like Victoria’s Secret lip gloss or N.Y.C. “Liquid Lip Shine.”

Holly Mathie has been doing make-up professionally for 18 years.
She is also a wardrobe stylist and owner of

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