The Best Digital Workouts

Melanie Douglass has the scoop on cool digital workouts that are effective,
fun and easy to view on your phone or computer.

There are so many great ways to get a solid workout these days: your
home, the club, a DVD… and your computer or smart phone. With life so
on the go, here are five super cool digital workouts that will help you stay
fit and healthy – anytime or anyplace.

#1: Bootcamp Challenge / app

Why it’s great:

– You can pick your fitness level and your equipment (anything from “no
equipment” to jump ropes to tubing, etc).

– Plays real-time video you can follow along, with perfectly synced audio

– Workouts change and progress every day.

– Melanie’s favorite part: it syncs YOUR music with the exercises – and
you can adjust theintensity of your workout (at any time in the workout)
and the music and video syncs up to your music! So cool! You just have to
see this app in action.

– Provides fun workout music, if you don’t have any of your own.

#2: Online Workout Center – / website

Why it’s great:

– If you don’t live on a smart phone, then this is a super easy way to get
solid workouts via a print out, or viewing on computer.

– Provides succinct exercise descriptions and clear pictures.

– I love the “travel workout” for no equipment – it’s a really good
workout! http://exer

– Provides a complete list of workouts by body part or by goals and

#3: Fitness Glo

Why it’s great:

– It’s like aerobics in your home… but way more workouts and flexibility
than DVDs offer.

– You pay $12 a month (or can try a FREE trial) and get access to
complete 30-minute workouts of all sorts: dance, strength, stretch, step

– Melanie’s favorite part: the instructors are really, really amazing! I
know the instructors because they are all veteran leaders in the fitness
industry. Fitness Glo did agreat job finding strong, talented fitness
professionals to teach the workouts. They are trusted, motivating and very

#4: Destination Workouts

Why it’s great:

– iFit works with Google maps so the world is at your fingertips!

– You can create a trail/map anywhere in the world and it downloads
that program (distance, terrian, everything) to your iFittreadmill.

– You could walk/jog/run the Egyptian Pyramids, the city of Rome, the
Mayan Ruins of Mexico… it’s fun to see the amazing sights, real time, via
Google maps, and experience the terrain at the exact same time.

– iFit treadmills adjust the speed and incline of your treadmill to match
your destination workout.

#5: Yoga with Janet Stone

– A gorgeous app with stunning video and crystal-clear audio coaching.

– The workouts are refreshing and help build total-body strength,
power, flexibility.

– Provides 6 different yoga programs (based on your goal) that change
every single day, 100 flows, 13 meditations, and yoga music. A bunch of
stuff for a meager $4.99 app price!

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