The Best Face Products

Knowing which skincare products to use can make all the difference.

Master Esthetician Crystal Rigby reveals that exfoliation can help in every aspect of our face care. There are three main ways we can exfoliate and Crystal recommends the best products to use.

1. Facial Serums or Creams with an exfoliator in it like retinols, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acids, lactic acids (these concepts speed up the turnover of dead skin cells)

*MaMa Lotion: (Lotion w/mandelic and malic acid to turn skin over) 1.67 oz $44.50

Available at Apothica

*Crystal Skin: Re-Surface: (can be custom blend per client: serum: blends of glycolic, salicylic, lactic, azelaic acids to loosen and remove dead skin) .5 oz $14.50 (3-5 Month supply) 1 oz $27 (5-8 month supply).

Available at Crystal Skin Care 1698 West Angel’s Way Kaysville, Utah 84037

2. Facial Scrubs: scrubs will manually buff the dead skin cells

*Neutrogena: Ageless Intensives: Smooth, Repair, Control: Deep Wrinkle Moisture: 1.4oz $18.97
Available at Wal-mart

*Clinique: Turnaround Instant Facial: (mask 5 min, gently massage granules to buff like scrub): 2.5 oz $36.50

Available at Wal-greens

*Crystal Skin: Purifying Scrub: (scrub w/enzymes and salicylic acid to buff dead skin) 4oz $31.00 (4-6 month supply)

Available at Crystal Skin Care 1698 West Angel’s Way Kaysville, Utah 84037

3. Professional Treatments: From microdermabrasion to chemical peels with estheticians (light, med and deep treatments) to laser treatments and more with doctors.

*Doctor Prescription: Retin-A

If you have any questions or concerns…you can e-mail Crystal at acne or contact her at her office 801-498-7873.

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