The Best Glue For The Job

This month we are helping you get stronger in all aspects of life, even when
it comes to picking strong glues and adhesives!

Before you get stuck using the wrong glue for your next project, Fix-It-Chick
Amber Anderson shares her guide to the best glues.


This is considered the most effective and heavy-duty glue around. E-6000
works on more surfaces than almost any other adhesive available in the
market. It will adhere to wood, metal, glass, leather, rubber vinyl, ceramics
and many plastics. E-6000 Clear Glue is a perfect tool for jewelry application
because it dries clear and is paintable. It does take 48 hours to fully dry, so
you must have patience.

Liquid nails

I love using liquid nails to adhere tile for a kitchen backspash instead of a
thinset. It is also great for arts and crafts because it creates a really strong

Masonry adhesive

This is specifically designed for repairing loose stones or even brick that are
heavy on your mind.

Elmer’s Carpenter Wood Glue

From woodworkers to DIY’ers, Elmer’s has a product line specially designed
for ease of use and durability. If you like to work on projects and make
repairs around the home, then this is the wood glue for you. Elmer’s
Carpenter Wood Glue is a reliable and versatile adhesive, and it’s easy to


This is the only thing you should use to hang a poster on you kids bedroom
wall. Tapes will remove the paint and tacks will leave unwanted in holes. I
also use toothpaste to adhere pictures inside picture frames, to keep them
from sliding out of place.

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