The Best Parenting Books and Resources

Stephanie Peterson with Utah Mama’s shares some of the best parenting books and resources to consider.


The Utah Mama’s Handbook

by Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson

A resource guide with 25 chapters from Places To Go and Things To Do, The Great Outdoors, Theatre and Creative Arts, State and Community Resources and Special Needs and Disabilities. With detailed information like ages, prices, hours, and a brief description of each listing you will save hours of research on your own (

Piggy Back Rides and Slippery Slides

by Lynnae W. Allred

A fantastic book and resource to improve the well-being of children through the art of play. Chapters include Playing with Our Children, Bedtime is Playtime, Playing in the Great Outdoors, Turning Work into Play, Imaginative Play and many more. Creating memories with your kids provides them with the skills they need to succeed in life- skills like empathy, problem solving, impulse regulation, assertiveness, and creativity.

Mitten Strings for God

by Katrina Kenison

As the world becomes more fast paced, all the more need to slow down. Through her book she shows moms how, even in the midst of a busy , stress-filled world, we can pare down our schedules and tune into a gentler rhythm. Through stories and experiences taken from her own life, she offers simple suggestions for clearing a space for silence and contemplation, wonder and spiritual renewal…for rediscovering the pleasures of the family dinner table…for seeing the sacred in the ordinary…and for turning our homes into havens where peace and creativity can flourish, and where we feed not only our children’s bodies and intellects but their souls as well.

Bringing Up Boys

by Dr. James Dobson

A must read for any parent of boys. Dr. Dobson answers questions:

Are boys fundamentally different from girls? What’s the best way to educate boys? What advice is available for single parents of sons? What is a father’s unique contribution to parenting a son? What about mom’s role? and What should we be doing to shape the next generation of men?

Love and Logic

by Jim Fay & Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Unfortunately we all have children who misbehave, through Love and Logic you will learn fun techniques and examples that actually start making you look forward to your young children misbehaving. Learn tools and techniques that will solve grocery store temper tantrums, bedtime battles, power struggles over eating, whining, getting kids to pick up their toys, and when they say, “No!” all of the time; In addition to lowering your stress level during these challenging years.


Utah Mama’s provides personal, professional and parenting resources designed to foster a greater sense of identity, empowerment and connection for women and mothers everywhere. The Handbook covers what, where and how to be the best Mama in town by collecting all the top Mama secrets. From community services and school information, to places to do and things to see-it’s a book packed with information that is compiled into 25+ in-depth chapters.

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