The Best Parks for a Fun Family Outing

Sugar House Park
1330 South 2100 East
Salt Lake City
This large regional park comprises 110.5 acres of rolling green space, located on the site of the old State Prison in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City. There are two entrances for vehicular traffic off of 2100 South, at 1400 East and 1500 East. Offers covered pavilions, a stream, lake, regulation soccer and baseball fields, a large, cement basketball court donated by the Utah Jazz; two children’s play areas with plastic play sets; a small amphitheater with seating for 220 people; seven volleyball courts (one at each terrace), and a sleigh-riding hill.

The Jordan River Parkway
The Jordan River runs north-south through the center of the valley, just west and parallel to Interstate 15.  Park benches, picnic tables, restrooms and canoe marinas can be found along the trail. The parkway trails wind through wetlands with cattails, many kinds of fish, foxes and other mammals, plus a variety of bird life. Several miles of trail are paved for pedestrians and bicycles.

Dimple Dell Regional Nature Park
Main Trailhead
10400 South 1300 East

Granite Park Trailhead
2900 East Mt. Jordan Road
10000 South 2700 East
644 acres of natural area with multiple trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, natural history study areas, interpretive sites, ponds and streams, and native plants and wildlife. Fires and projectiles are prohibited. Collecting of plants, animals, and minerals are prohibited. A large outdoor amphitheater is available for use. For more information on field trips and interpretive activities, please inquire by calling 483-5473. Granite Park Trailhead occupies the northeast end of the park. It is a neighborhood park with picnic facilities. There are ten additional trailheads, three with restrooms.
For a list of community, neighborhood, and regional parks visit:

Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City
Utah County
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Weber County
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Be sure to be prepared. You never know what will happen at the park so it’s best to have a backpack with some essentials.

What to Bring:

First Aid Kit (especially if you have boys!)
Big blanket
Water Bottles with Ice


Bread for feeding the ducks
Books or a couple stories in your head for the kids to take a break.
Soccer ball or Frisbee

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