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Jessica Foust from TopTenREVIEWS shows how recipe software and online recipe sites can help you get organized, create cookbooks, even find out the nutritional facts of your own recipes.

The holidays are right around the corner. To get prepared for the big Thanksgiving Feast and other holiday parties, recipe and cookbook software will give you the tools to create culinary masterpieces. If you cook and use a computer this software can save you time and help you create a lasting archive of recipes from a variety of sources. But you can take it further by planning elaborate meals, grocery shopping, choosing recipes based on nutrition and special diet needs, estimating your food bill, and publishing your own cookbook.

TopTenREVIEWS has tested and rated the current recipe and cookbook products based on how well the recipes are organized, customization features like the ability to upload your own recipes and pictures, menu planner, and ease of use. The online recipe sites are rated on how many recipes they have, organization, culinary appeal, and their community which lets other cooks like you leave input. After reviewing the software, TopTenREVIEWS recommends these top products as the best in recipe and cookbook software and online sites.

BigOven Deluxe Inspired Cooking:
This is the best recipe cookbook software. It is the only program that integrates the software with their free website: The software gets you recipes, ratings, photos, and videos of professional cooks around the world showing you how they cook so they can help you create your next culinary masterpiece.

BigOven is designed to complement and organize your recipes, not just replace them. You can add recipes by manually typing them, or copying text from any word document. There is an option to post or import recipes from, which currently has over 170,000 recipes. You can edit, add notes, and get nutritional information for each recipe.

Living Cookbook:
It has a smaller recipe library than BigOven, but it’s very easy to use, had detailed nutritional information and recipe instruction. Users can accomplish a range of tasks, from simple ones like finding detailed nutritional information for thousands of food items, recipes, and ingredients to making grocery lists with fields available to include prices and stores.

Living Cookbook’s recipe library comes from food manufactures and food councils. Best of all, with built-in help menus and an array of editing features, users are never at a loss for assistance and are never incapable of changing or amending recipes where they see fit.

It stands alone as the most well-rounded, complete online recipe site available. It has countless recipe choices. Its recipe search portal will help you find the perfect recipe every time. Whether you’re looking for something easy, healthy, a seasonal dish, or perhaps even by ingredient, dietary need or preparation method Epicurious has the recipe.

Epicurious stands out for its community with forums, enhanced member profiles that provide network, recipe, and overall activity information. There are online chat services and user-submitted videos. You don’t have to settle for articles and how-to guides when Epicurious has photo slideshows, technique videos and podcasts. Whether you are just looking to find some helpful tips to make a new dish or want to connect with other home chefs or food lovers, Epicurious lets members choose their level of involvement. It also has enhanced multimedia resources.
Epicurious has partnered with TasteBook which is a website where you can create customized hardcover cookbooks. The process to create the cookbook is easy. You can import your own recipes or use the recipes from, or the many other sites TasteBook partners with.

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