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The Best Tik Tok Challenges to Take on as a Family

By Chelsea Fairbourn

Tik Tok. It’s the app your teenagers are on. The app that seems like a colossal waste of time. The app that is full of ridiculous dances…except for that one dance…to that one song. But you wouldn’t know from experience, you just heard about it from your neighbor’s daughter randomly, because of course no self-respecting adult over the age of 25 would be on Tik Tok. That’s crazy.

Here’s the deal: we know it’s for a younger demographic, BUT after doing our own “research” we’ve discovered a yellow brick road to family bonding. Yep, you heard that right. Family bonding. If you’re brand new to the world of Tik Tok, there are hundreds of challenge hashtags on the app. Some of the challenges are dance related, some are pranks, and others rely on your creative interpretation of a song. This is where the family bonding comes in. We picked five family friendly challenges (of a wide variety) to try out. We promise the process will be full of laughs, lots and lots of attempts, and plenty of memorable moments. The best part? You’ll become better acquainted with the app your kids are spending all their screen time on and will know the positives and negatives of it from firsthand experience.

1. Blinding Lights

Forgive us, but we’re kicking things off with a dance challenge. This one typically requires three people doing the exact same choreographed dance for roughly 15 seconds. It’s the first 15 seconds from the song “Blinding Lights” and the dance moves aren’t too difficult. It’s essentially four dance moves repeated multiple times and a freestyle bonus move at the end. You’ll 100% feel goofy, but you’ll also have a great time learning it with your family.

2. The Lonely Chair

This challenge is where creativity comes into play. Lonely chair requires you to think outside the box and make a mini “chair” out of household objects and use the green screen feature within the app to have one of your family members sit in the “chair.” Some of our personal favorites that we’ve spotted made chairs out of a baby blue bell cheese wrap, a stick of butter, and airpods. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have a blast searching high and low for the perfect faux chair.

3. Level Up

If your family is competitive, this one’s for you! Level up involves a lot of running and jumping over obstacles. After you successfully complete a round, you “level up” and make it harder. You can use any objects you have on hand, but the most common include stacking cups or rolls of toilet paper (if you have any excess) to jump over. Think of this challenge as a reverse limbo of sorts.

4. Blanket Life

There’s really no good way to describe this challenge, other than poking fun at the number of trips people are making to the kitchen during all of this extra time at home. The idea is to wear a blanket like a cape, never show your face, and strategically film family members running from their room to the kitchen with the cape on. Yes, it sounds weird. It is weird. Tik Tok’s in-app editing system will help you sync the clips you film to the music of your choice. There is a trending sound attached to this challenge, but you don’t have to use it.

5. Sibling Quiz

If all the parents out there want to set their older kids straight in a funny, endearing way, this challenge is for you. Have two of your kids sit in front of bowls of water. Use the sound specific to the challenge (search sibling quiz), stand behind your kids, and get ready to dunk the kid that corresponds with your answer. Example: If the sound asks you which kid is less likely to make their bed, you dunk the kid that matches your answer. It’s fun, lighthearted, and might motivate more bed making.

BONUS: Photo Swap

If you have pranksters in the house (or you’re one yourself), try this one! Pick family photos around the house and swap them with photos of celebrities and see how long it takes another family member to notice. You can swap the whole photo or cut out the heads of celebrities and stick them on your family members’ bodies in the photos. Studio 5 Producer Chelsea Fairbourn tried it out – it took her mom two and a half hours to notice the swap.


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