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The Book Lover Gift Guide

Everyone has at least one book worm on their list, so Studio 5
Contributor Teri Harman has 10 gifts ideas, from homemade to
custom-made, that any book lover would love!

Homemade Simple

1 – Corner Book Marks

These unique bookmarks are a very cheap and easy-to-make gift. Perfect to
give to friends or book club members and a great scrap paper project. Make
three to five and then wrap in a fun tin or box.

For instructions on how to make the bookmarks click on the link below:

2 – Read to Me Book Marks

These book marks are the perfect sentimental gifts to give a mom, dad,
grandma or grandpa. Customized with drawings by the kids, these will make
your book lover smile every time they open a book. Easy and inexpensive.

Simply make a plain paper book mark and hand over to your kids to color.
When that is done glue to a pretty patterned paper. For extra personalization
add a picture of the child on the back. Laminate.

Custom Cool

If you would like to get your book lover something truly unique pick up one
of these gifts…

1 – Book Slip by Book Matters Design

These fashionable and functional book covers will be your book lover’s new
favorite accessory. Made of laminated cotton, these covers are designed to
protect books from the elements – water, food, hand lotion, sticky little
hands, etc. – without adding unnecessary bulk to the book.

Get your book lover a set of these and help them keep their precious books
in pristine condition.

Sets of three sizes ($28) and individual covers ($10-12) are available from
my design company, Book Matters Design. To order visit

2 – Favorite Book Necklace by Book Matters Deisgn

If your book lover is also a jewelry lover than this gift is absolutely perfect.
We custom make each chic necklace with your favorite book title written in
letter beads. A statement piece to wear and talk about. And for only $15.

To order visit

3 – Framed Book Quote Page by Design Ability

This personalized gift is perfect for hanging near a reader’s bookshelf. This
collection of famous quotes about reading and books was created by a
mother-daughter graphic design team famous for their quote pages using
the quotes of my choosing. This exact page can be purchased for only $8 or
a custom page with quotes of your choosing for $25 from their website, For a custom page contact Anneliese at

Place in a frame that matches your décor and present to your book lover who
will be perfectly thrilled.

2 – Custom E-reader Cover by M-Edge

If your book lover has gone digital than you must get them one of these
fabulous, stand-out-from-the-crowd e-reader covers from
They have a wide variety of classic book cover designs as well as the option
of creating a completely custom cover using your own pictures. This cover
was only $30.

3 – A Custom Book Painting

A friend of mine who can paint created this painting and gave it to her
husband as a gift. The painting shows his favorite books and authors. If you
can paint, know someone who can or can find an artist who does custom
work commission a piece like this with your book lover’s favorite books and
authors and they will thank you forever. A truly thoughtful and unique gift.

Unique, Artistic Books

If you want to get a book for your book lover it’s a great idea to think beyond
the standard novel. Here are four very unique books that are not only
interesting reads, but great conversation pieces that look stunning displayed
on any shelf.

1 – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Braum, adapted by Eric Shanower
and Skottie Young

This breathtaking adaptation of the favorite classic will delight any reader.
True to the original story, this book reads beautifully and also looks
amazing. Quirky, visually stunning and truly unique.

2 – Y is for Yorick: A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown-
Ups by Jennifer Adams

This book is witty, humorous and thoroughly entertaining. The quick
descriptions of some of the most famous characters in literature, paired with
mischievous illustrations, make this the perfect gift for the book lover with a
sense of humor.

Also by Jennifer Adams, perfect for the Jane Austen fan, Remarkably Jane:
Notable Quotations on Jane Austen

3 – The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten
by Jeffrey Kacirk

Those who love to read love words. Give your reader the gift of some of the
most interesting words that have died and been forgotten. This fascinating
book is fascinating to read and even more fun to talk about with others. You
will be gloppened (surprised) at the extreme fabulosity (quality of being
fabulous) of this abracadabrant (marvelous or stunning) book.

Christmas Tradition

Starting a tradition of giving books at Christmas is a wonderful way to make
reading fun and enjoyable for children and families. Christmas books also
create magical holiday memories.

Great gift idea for grandma to give to grandkids.

Each year choose a Christmas children’s picture book and give with a small
gift inspired by the story. For example, with the book Mary’s Treasure Box,
find a small wooden box and fill with all the things from the box in the story.
These can be used as visual aids when reading the book to children and put
out for display with the book, for a wonderful addition to holiday décor.

Book suggestions:

The Carpenter’s Gift by David Rubel and illustrated by Jim LaMarche

Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle by Jason F. Wright and illustrated by Ben

The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes by Deborah Pace Rowley and illustrated by
Dan Burr

Mary’s Treasure Box by Carolyn Walz Kramlich and illustrated by Walter

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