The Couch Workout

Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, helps make
healthier use of “couch time” with these fun, calorie-burning moves.

I’m not going to point any fingers, but I’d say even into today’s busy, busy
times most of us can find just 30-minutes a day to sit on the couch. Whether
it’s to read your favorite book, watch a TV show, or just catch up on the
evening news before bed, the couch can be a great workout tool. Don’t
believe me? Try these five exercises! You’ll sweat, burn calories, and shape
up your shoulders, arms, back, abs, and legs. Yes, you can do all that… on
your couch.

This workout is a great starter workout, but it’s also great for those days
when you just don’t have the time or energy for a super structured workout.
It’s also great for “extra credit” – you know, if you are going to sit down and
watch TV why not do two things at once? You’ll build a stronger body every
step of the way!

The Couch Workout

Do each exercise for 5 minutes. It’s harder than you think! If you have time,
repeat 2 – 3 times.

1) Ball Dribbles:
Grab a ball, could be a kids soccer ball or a medicine ball (if you want to
make this much harder). Sit on the couch and place the ball next to your
right foot, then dribble/pass the ball to your left. The key is to lift your legs
higher and do an inward/up kick as you pass the ball to the other foot.

2) Hamstring Rolls:
Place both feet on the ball, feet together, toes point up. Dig your heels into
the ball, and roll the ball in toward the couch. Keep constant pressure (the
dig) as you roll, all the way and all the way out. Contract your abs too!

3) Quick Feet:
Grab a resistance tube (you can do this without a band as well). Place the
middle of the tube on top of your feet. Wrap the tube around each foot and
pull the handles up so the tube is on the inside of your legs. Lean back,
engage your abs and keep the tension on the tube. Now, quick feet! Go
right leg out, left leg out, right leg in, left leg in. Fast as you can! This will
burn your inner and outer thighs, along with your quads, hamstrings and

4) Seated Rowing:
Wrap the tube around the leg of the couch and sit on the floor facing the
couch. Pull back until you’ve got tension on the band. Hold both handles in
front of your chest, arms straight. Now pull up and in to your chest then
down and away, like a rowing motion. Go fast as you can, but contract your
arms, abs and back each and every second.

5) Seated Jabs:
Wrap the tube around the leg of the couch and sit on the floor facingaway
from the couch. Scoot forward until you’ve got tension on the band. Hold
both handles in front of your shoulders, elbows bend and pulled in close.
Now jab/punch out in front of your chest. Go fast as you can and keep your
abs and arms contracted the entire time.

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