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Rework Your Workout

If you’ve been doing the same workout for months now and haven’t seen
results… You may need a workout make-over. Simple mistakes at home or in
the gym can wipe-out your best sweat sessions. Skills Fitness Personal
Trainer Kenton Farris is giving his quick tips to keep you on the right track
and help you get that body you’re working for.

1- Floor Plank

· Keep arms shoulder width apart

· Change it up by doing 5-second reps

· Head should be in line with spine

· Repeat doing 12 reps

2- Squats

· Feet should be hip width apart pointing straight ahead

· When squatting be sure to reach a 90-degree angle

· Keep chest up at a 45-degree angle

· Do as many squats as you can in 60-seconds

3- Ab Exercises

· Sit in an upright position with legs bent and feet off the ground

· Use a weighted ball

· Twist entire body with the ball in hands

· Use a song to do ab work to, go the entire length of the song to help
pace yourself, break when needed

Kenton says that if you ever wonder how many reps or how long you should
work a specific area- moving to the beat of an entire song is one way to
know if you’re doing as much as you should. Also, taking breaks when you
need to is a perfect way to pace yourself.

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