The DIY Blogger House at Daybreak

Homes which are part of the Parade of Homes often have a single designer
who has decorated the home, but one home which will be part of the
upcoming Salt Lake Parade of Homes is being decorated by a team of
popular bloggers. They are pooling their creative energy for the DIY
Blogger House at Daybreak.

Shelley Smith from “The House of Smiths” and Lara Garner from “Less Cake,
More Frosting” are two of the bloggers who will be helping on the house.

A custom home can be expensive to build if done in a conventional way.
People have been personalizing their homes on their own for years and
finding innovative ways to create wow and develop wonderful spaces that
don’t cost an arm and a leg. The DIY Blogger House at Daybreak aims to
take that creative spirit and infuse it into the construction of a new home
from the very start. The home will be built by Bangerter Homes and will be
featured in the 2012 Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Daybreak is teaming up
with the builder, and an award winning interior designer who will lead a
team of 5 local bloggers to design the interior of the home. Each of the
bloggers will design one of the rooms or be in charge of certain areas of
the house, while the designer will ensure that the home’s overall design
maintains a cohesive flow and character. The bloggers will chronicle their
experience and the process of designing the home on their blogs
beginning in May. They will have less than 90 days to work with the home
builder to develop and implement a concept in time for the Parade of
Homes judging on August 1st. The home will be revealed to the general
public during the Parade of Homes which begins on August 3rd and runs
through August 18th. The home will be available for sale once the Parade
of Homes has ended. In addition to the DIY Blogger house, there will be 6
other Parade Homes in Daybreak from Destination Homes, Holmes Homes,
Ivory Homes, Rainey Homes, Richmond American Homes, and Sego Homes.

The concept for the DIY home’s interior will evolve as the design team
works together to define and create the space. The exterior of the home
will be done in a classic Victorian theme in keeping with the timeless
architectural styles that Daybreak has become known for. The two-story
home will be approximately 3200 sq. ft. total with 3-4 bedrooms and a
finished basement. Additional details will be made available via the
participating blogs as well as’s own blog, so follow
Daybreak and the design team on social media to track the progress and
weigh in along the way.

The Team:

Brian Clark-

Shelley Smith- TheHouseof

Jen Hadfield-

Lara Garner- Less
Cake{More Frosting}.com

Char Coester- CrapI’

Amy Huntley-

Click Here For The DIY Blogger House At Daybreak

About Daybreak
Daybreak is a fresh way of thinking about community. Made up of a wide
variety of energy-efficient new homes as well as shops, restaurants,
offices, schools, trails, parks and more, Daybreak brings all the elements of
life within easy walking or biking distance. TRAX light rail service makes life
in Daybreak even more convenient and environmentally friendly providing a
convenient 40 minute commute into Downtown Salt Lake City . The
community is situated on 4,126 acres in South Jordan City and will
eventually include as many as 20,000 homes and up to 14 million square
feet of commercial space. There are currently 9 homebuilders constructing
a broad range of home types and styles throughout the community. To
learn more about Daybreak, please visit
is located at 11400 S. & Bangerter Highway.

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