The DIY Obstacle Course You Can Set Up in Your Yard

Keeping the kids busy this summer is one of mom’s main goals. Take the activities to the backyard with a fun DIY.

Celeste Whitney shares some fun stations that make up a full obstacle course.

Obstacle Course Stations

String Balance Maze:

Lay a length of rope on the ground in a squiggly, irregular form. The child follows the line with their feet. To make it harder, have the child hold a large ball or balloon between their knees.

Gladiator Duel:

Each player holds a large pool noodle and stands inside a 24-inch circle. The object is to try to knock your opponent out of his circle. Make it more difficult by dueling on top of milk crates, using a narrow pool noodle, or dueling blindfolded!

Circles and Hurdles:

Run through circles on the ground and jump hurdles. To increase the level of difficulty, have the child wear large cardboard feet.

Target Throw:

Cut circles in an expensive sheet of 1/4″ wood or white board material from the home improvement store. Players try to throw a dowel or stick through each hole, javelin style. Make it harder by requiring them to throw a paper airplane through.

Balancing Act:

Try to be the one to balance the longest. The structure is a 3-4′ foot plank laid over a pool noodle. Make it harder by putting a large dowel or pipe through the noodle so it doesn’t flatten. Or have the child attempt to balance while holding a large water-filled balloon.

Make the entire course more fun by adding bubbles. Either set out bubble machines or have each child who is done or in back of the line blow bubbles at the children on the course. If you don’t have bubbles, you could use water guns.

Another way to add variety is to roll some dice. Let the children decide which obstacle to do by rolling the dice and if they get the same number twice, they have to do the harder version.

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