The Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift

In recent years, the term “liquid facelift” has become increasingly popular. It’s the option to freshen and lift a more mature face, without surgery. But is a real option, for real people?

Dr. Justin Johnsen from Utah Eye & Facial Plastic Surgery shares ways to look revitalized, refreshed, and maybe even look years younger without spending a lot of time or money.

As a father of 6 kids I know how difficult it is to take time for yourself and frankly it can be very costly. A facelift, for example can cost upwards of $15,000 depending on the procedures performed. However there are ways tired and spent parents can perk up their looks with no little to no down time and relatively little cost.

If you qualify from insurance, you could have a low or no cost forehead lift and eyelid lift. Or you can avoid the knife and have a liquid facelift.

The first step is Injectables. Products such as Botox and Radiasse, if used correctly by a medical doctor, can help delay the aging process by smoothing out wrinkles and filling in creases in crevasses and folds such as here in the nasal labial fold. We have phenomenal results with these products everyday in our practice.

The next step is to cleanse, exfoliate and protect. Skin is the largest organ on the body and is the first to show signs of aging. The most important thing you can do for your skin health is to cleanse, exfoliate and protect your skin. We feel that products approved by medical doctors, such as, Obagi are some of the best skincare products on the market and do phenomenal work as cleansers, exfoliates and protectors of your skin.

We also have formulated a special lidocaine cream with other soothing ingredients, such as aloe-vera that really make the process of injecting painless and relaxing. About 15 minutes before we inject you with Botox or Radiesse we rub some of this product on the areas to be injected thus causing them to be come numb and therefore the injection becomes a very comfortable experience. It’s been great to see patients who were horribly afraid of Botox because of the perceived pain they would receive, but who really wanted to experience it, get it in this way – feel no pain and love the experience and results.

For more information, call 801-281-FACE or visit: Contact Dr. Johnson today to receive $100 any injectable (such as Botox or Radiesse) and/or any Obagi Nu/Derm system.

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