Get a Great Salon Blow-Dry At Home

Get a Great Salon Blow-Dry At Home

It feels different. It moves different. It looks different. So what’s the secret?

Stylist Shep Woolsey with Shep Studio shares the formula for a great salon blow-dry.



Selection is based on:

1. Condition of Hair

2. Texture of Hair

3. Desired Outcome and Feel of the Hair


Determined by brush selection and technique:

1. Vent brush great for wrapping the hair and drying the hair at the root.

2. Flat brush great for achieving great tension, smoothing the hair, and keeping the shape more true to the way it is cut.

3. Round brush great for achieving great tension and also putting some bend in the hair. Can also be used to set the hair for more voluminous styles.


1. Wrapping: using a flat brush or a vent brush wrap the hair around the head drying the hair at the root and removing the desired amount of moisture from the hair.

2. Leafing: like turning the pages of a book. Use a flat brush with the face of the brush facing the head take your section and turn the brush (locking the hair onto the brush) now you will have good tension.

3. With the dryer nozzle aimed in the direction of the hair shaft and facing onto the face of the brush, move the dryer back and forth in even motions from the root following through to the ends.

4. Donʼt ever touch the end of the blow dryer onto the hair unless you have a nozzle attachment.

5. Clip the hair up in sections that the air from the dryer can easily pass through.

6. Be thorough make sure to get all of the hair smooth and dry.

7. Always dry the bangs first. Bangs frame the face and often have cowlicks and different growth patterns. Drying them before they dry out will assure a much smoother and more controlled result.

8. Consider the way your hair is cut and dry the hair in a way that will accentuate the cut.


Using a good professional blow dryer that is lightweight with heat and air flow settings will also make the job easier. Adjust the heat and air settings according to what technique you are focusing on.

While the blow-dry is very important, having a great haircut is the most important step to achieving a consistently great look on a daily basis.

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