The Living Planet Aquarium: Outreach Program

Because we’re not surrounded by oceans and immense water habitats, we have fewer opportunities to experience, understand and appreciate the water environments that cover more than 70 per cent of our planet. This Living Planet Aquarium brings animals to people who might not have the chance to see them or their water-based ecosystems in a natural setting.

Kelly Steffen, Director of Education at The Living Planet Aquarium, talks about what Outreach programs are available for you and your family.

Our children are the future custodians of the environment. Yet, the majority of today’s young people don´t have the opportunity to understand the ocean nor their own water-dependent environments. The Living Planet Aquarium provides a “living classroom,” educating us all about our interdependence on the living planet´s fragile ecosystems.

The Living Planet Aquarium is dedicated to celebrating life on Earth by fostering a greater awareness and knowledge of Earth´s diverse ecosystems and creating a deeper understanding of our place in the global system of life.

The Living Planet Aquarium is committed to providing opportunities for families to learn about our interdependence with the fragile ecosystems of our planet through entertaining, interactive educational exhibits and programs. Having this aquarium provides us with countless opportunities to understand and respect this precious resource and the living habitats it supports, both in Utah and in our planet´s oceans.

To learn more about our planet and the educational opportunities available to you and your family, go to The Living Planet Aquarium website at

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