The Living Planet Aquarium: Sea Ventures Day Camps

Because we’re not surrounded by oceans and immense water habitats, we have fewer opportunities to experience, understand and appreciate the water environments that cover more than 70 per cent of our planet. The Living Planet Aquarium brings animals to people who might not have the chance to see them. That’s where Sea Ventures comes in… special day camps and even a four-day camp for teens.

Alisha Grossmen, Summer Camp Program Manager talks about ideas for your children this summer.

Children are the future custodians of the environment. Yet the majority of today’s young people don’t have the opportunity to understand the ocean nor their own water-dependent environments. The Living Planet Aquarium provides a “living classroom,” educating all about our interdependence on the living planet’s fragile ecosystems.

The Living Planet Aquarium is dedicated to celebrating life on Earth by fostering a greater awareness and knowledge of Earth´s diverse ecosystems and creating a deeper understanding of our place in the global system of life.

The Living Planet Aquarium is committed to providing opportunities for families to learn about our interdependence with the fragile ecosystems of our planet through entertaining, interactive educational exhibits and programs. Having this aquarium provides families with countless opportunities to understand and respect this precious resource and the living habitats it supports, both in Utah and in our planet´s oceans.

The Living Planet Aquarium presents Sea Ventures summer camps for children. Check out these great ideas for children of all ages.

Pre – K (ages 4-5 with adult)

Ocean Animals Big and Small July 6th and 7th, 9:30 – noon Find out how you size up as we explore The Living Planet Aquarium through songs, stories, and experiences with live animals! Bring your little one to the Aquarium and discover together the amazing animals in the ocean, from the smallest shrimp to the biggest whale.

Move It! Move It! June 17th and 18th / Aug. 3rd and 4th, 9:30 – noon Frogs hop, fish swim, and snakes slither. Come to The Living Planet Aquarium and discover how animals move in and out of the water through songs, stories, and exploring. Can you move like them?

Kindergarten Graduates

Tallest, Shortest, Longest, Greenest June 23rd and 24th /Aug. 5th and 6th, 9:30-noon Join us for a look at the world’s rainforest record holders! Is there one animal that rivals all others? Can one animal be the tallest and the shortest, at the same time? There’s only one place to find out…The Living Planet Aquarium.

Aquatic Animals from A to Z July 27th and 28th, 9:30-noon I looked all around and what did I see? Animals surrounding me from A to Z! Join us at The Living Planet Aquarium for 2 days of fun where you’ll meet aquatic animals from one end of the alphabet to the other.

1st and 2nd Graduates

Junior Detectives – Whoa! Do you see what I see? June 29th and 30th, 9-noon Come take a look through the salty seas and search high up in the trees. This camp will give junior detectives a chance to discover the variety of cool animals hidden within The Living Planet Aquarium.

3rd and 4th Graduates

Shark Sleuths July 29th and 30th, 9-noon SHARKS, SHARKS AND MORE SHARKS!! Come to The Living Planet Aquarium and explore the secret lives of sharks with our 15,000 galloon shark tank!

5th and 6th Graduates

The Eyes have it! July 8th and 9th, 9-noon Come look at the SEA through the eyes of various marine creatures! How well can the octopus SEE? What animal has the biggest EYE in the ocean? How does a sea star SEE? Explore the SEAs with The Living Planet Aquarium EYE Examiners!

12 yrs to 17 yrs – 5 day

Marine Biologists in Training July 13th – 17th, 9-4 Have you ever wanted to work with ocean life? If so then this is the camp for you! We will be dissecting a squid, caring for marine animals, and more. Come join us for the chance of a lifetime and begin your exciting adventure with our indoor ocean.

Partner Camps

Predators of the Sea and Sky (with Tracy Aviary) July 22nd and 23rd, 9-4 Join Tracy Aviary and The Living Planet Aquarium as we take a look at the unrivaled Predators of the Sea and Sky. On Monday and Tuesday, campers will soar the skies at Tracy Aviary to seek out the predatory prowess of owls, eagles, hawks and falcons. On Wednesday and Thursday campers will meet predators from waters across the globe at The Living Planet Aquarium and discover how water enhances the superpowers of sharks, anacondas, caimans and more! *Tracy Aviary will be handling all registration for this camp.

Registration begins April 1, 2009. Register online at or call (801) 495-4448 x 210
The Living Planet Aquarium
725 E. 10600 S. Sandy, UT 84094
801-355-Fish (3474)

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