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The Magic Yarn Project: How one woman sparked a movement bringing joy to kids with cancer

You can get involved in the Magic Yarn Project too.

In September of 2018, a milestone was reached by the Magic Yarn Project – they made their 10,000th wig. These wigs, crafted with love and care, are made specially for children battling cancer. Fast forward six years, and they’ve continued to brighten thousands of children’s lives.

Holly Christensen, the creator of the Magic Yarn Project, shares the inspiration behind this project.


The Inspiration Behind the Magic

As a nurse who has worked in oncology, Holly had a unique insight into the challenges faced by children with cancer. When a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Holly reached out and offered some insight into the chemotherapy she’d be receiving.

Holly explained, “As a cancer nurse, one thing I learned is that chemotherapy causes something called neuropathy. Our nerve endings are very sensitive because of the chemotherapy, so you don’t see cancer patients wear traditional wigs. It’s too scratchy on their very, very sensitive skin. So, I created a wig for her daughter, a Rapunzel wig off of a soft crocheted beanie cap.”

The wig was a hit. “Her mom said, ‘this is amazing. All the kids at the hospital want to know where they can get a wig like it.’ And that’s how it started. It’s snowballed into this beautiful, beautiful project.”

The Impact of the Magic Yarn Project

The Magic Yarn Project has not only impacted the lives of the children who receive the wigs, but also those who help create them.

Holly shared, “I became a nurse to save lives, but it’s helped me to realize that while I definitely hope there’s a cure for cancer someday, even if I can’t save lives there are things I can do. You don’t have to work in cancer to impact the life of a child who is battling cancer and to bring a little joy and magic into their life during a very dark and difficult time for them.”

Anyone Can Be a Magic Maker

Holly believes that anyone can be a magic maker. From NFL members to grandparents, girl scouts, and boy scouts, people from all walks of life have gotten involved in creating wigs for kids with cancer.

Holly shared, “If an NFL linebacker can make a wig, anyone can make a wig. If a 14-year-old boy can make a wig, then you definitely can.”

The wigs themselves are a labor of love. Holly has made them all – from all the different Disney princesses to Jack Sparrow. Each wig is made from soft acrylic yarns, sparkly and fun, sparking imagination. They’re a source of joy for the kids who receive them.

If you’re inspired by the Magic Yarn Project and want to get involved, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, or their website. You can attend their workshops and learn how to make a wig. You don’t need any craft experience to be a part of this beautiful project.

In the words of Holly, “It’s magic.”

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