The Missing Link to “Magic Piano Keys”

It has everything you need to teach piano, learn how to teach, or teach yourself. Seasoned teachers, new teachers, homeschoolers, parents … this is the answer for beginning students to master the notes in as little as two months using visual, audio and tactile learning methods.

Step by step instructions for the teacher are in the right column of the first book in the kit. The left column is what the teacher should say to a student. This series is for both the beginning student and the seasoned musician. Word for word instructions are provided for the beginning and a short cut for the more advanced teacher. The “Missing Link to Magic Piano Keys” series included detailed, illustrated and easy instructions to follow on how to teach the piano, or learn to play it. Sigh reading becomes easy and student learn quickly and move to higher levels of learning.

This is a new and unique way to teach. It’s a fresh new approach showing how to guide students. “How to Teach Piano” manual tells how to teach each page in the course, problems the student will encounter and how to solve problems in each individual piece. Leanr what to charge for piano lessons, handling financial aspects of teaching and helpful points on how to teach piano.

Purchase the full set and beginning teaching or learning how to play the right way. And if you order now, you’ll receive a 15% discount.

To learn more, check out the website at or call (801) 292-2357

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