The Modesty Movement

Fashion experts say trends continue to move toward modesty, especially styles aimed at young teens. It’s something that many parents appreciate.

Erin Olsen with Haute and Prim Style Camp, shares who is behind the modesty movement.


What’s surprising about this “modesty movement” is that it’s coming straight from the teens themselves and not the parents. Teens from all over the country have started to revolt against the bad influence of celebrities in the media. They’re also tired of seeing over-sexualized images and being told that in order to be beautiful they need to dress and act immodestly. Now it’s to the point where they’re protesting store fronts and writing letters to retailers who carry immodest clothing. Let’s face it, we have retailers who are making thong underwear for ten year old girls and TV shows that are being created from the “Gossip girl” book series which teaches the worst kind of manners. The media is doing a horrible job providing good role models and we know there’s a big problem when the only good role model we can think of for girls is Audrey Hepburn from the 1960’s. So, the options are pretty slim.

Haute & Prim was started to help facilitate this modesty movement and compensate for the lack of role models in the media. Through the Haute & Prim Style Camp they will learn about Style, Etiquette, Social Courtesy, Modesty, Modeling and Trends.

We believe the Haute & Prim style is out there and that it IS possible for girls to feel like they’re trendy and cool but modest at the same time. These are some examples straight from the runway that are modest and trendy.

Haute in French is spelled “H A U T E” and it means “High or Elevated” and the reason I chose that word is because I believe that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard and by doing that we allow ourselves to be truly beautiful. It also refers to “high fashion”, which is “Haute Couture”. It’s an old idea and the last true example of this was Audrey Hepburn. She was high fashion and also high class. Prim in French means “Fine and Delicate”. It implies that the kind of simple innocence that girls are being forced to lose because they’re being pushed to wear clothes way beyond their years and inappropriate as well.


The Haute & Prim Style Camp will kick off with a big fashion show at 1 pm on Saturday, September 8th at Studio 600, 26 East 600 South, Salt Lake City. The event is sponsored by Mary Jane’s Shoes and Chesters Blacksmith shop in Park City. This FREE fashion show will be put on by real girls instead of professional models because Haute & Prim believes that every girl
deserves to walk a runway.

If you’re interested in modeling in this show or finding out more about Haute & Prim, please visit the website at

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