The New Face of CoverGirl

It’s the new face of Cover Girl! The mega-makeup label is branching out
using high-profile celebrities to promote what they say are new, beauty
forward products. We asked our own Holly Stone to take a closer look at
this Cover Girl transformation, to see if the products are really as good as

The makers of CoverGirl have done some good AND they goofed.
CoverGirl(owned by Proctor and Gamble) has recently changed their face.
Former MAC master make-up artist Pat McGrath is now displaying her
talent as P&G’sCreative Design Director. She has positioned make up
products and colors with new trends and technology which has given the
brand an explosive presence. CG isalso re-aligning their branding with
celebrities from all age ranges, skin colors and body types. This is a shift in
beauty marketing. Previously we would see pretty models-less known
publically-but whose faces promoted aspirational beauty. Today by
aligning with celebrities who have aspirational lifestyles, CG is not just
conveying a message of what beauty shouldLOOK like, but they are seeking
to define what beauty ACTS like.This message can be conflicting especially
for young women.

As the beauty industry slowly goes beyond skin deep by promoting
lifestyles, now more than ever you must hold firm to who you are and what
makes YOU individually beautiful. Embracing your personal beauty will
allow you to avoid being persuaded by people that don’t fit your lifestyle,
to use products that are not ideal for YOU.

The new faces of CoverGirlpromote productshoping to influence you to
purchase. Which are CoverGirl Good and CoverGirl Goof? Read below.

Queen Latifah

Look in her eyes and she exudes confidence. And while her beautiful dark
skin will accommodate different colors than a woman with lighter skin, her
age range should be taken into account before buying the product she
promotes:Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadows. Look at her CG
photos and she seems to have a smooth eye area, but in real life this 40-
something should avoid shimmer at all costs since it will draw attention to
her actual fine lines and wrinkles. And these eyeshadows are FULL of

Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadows
Product review: CoverGirl Goof
· Not high in pigment so the shadow doesn’t last long
· No matte colors restricts the most flattering look from these shadows
to ages 25 and younger
· “Lights, Brightening” is a great marketing ploy. But this shadow with its
particles of shimmer actually highlights age.
Better Option: Smoky Shadow Blast

Taylor Swift

This girl can sing you to laughter or tears. Her smile is electrifying. The
bold lipstick colors against her teeth make them appear sparkling white.
Her product of choice?LipPerfection Lip Color. A perfect complement to the
sweet melodies from the lips of this talented artist.

LipPerfection Lip Color
Product review: CoverGirl Good
· Creamy formula makes lips kissably soft
· Off-the-runway shades stay on longer than other lipsticks
· Priced to own at least 3 shades
· Pair with LipPerfection Lip Liner for the ULTIMATE luscious lip

Sofia Vergara

Want lashes like Sofia? Don’t let her Cover Girl mascara fool you. Read the
tiny disclaimer that pops up briefly during her commercial: “Lash inserts
were applied to add lash count prior to adding Lash Blast 24 hr.” Simply
said, her lashes are fake-not the magic of this mascara.

Lash Blast 24 hour Mascara
Product review: CoverGirl Goof
· Formula smudges by mid-day on most
· Mascara dries very quickly making it difficult to maneuver through
· Not volumizing, barely lengthening as to point above, only if you are

Drew Barrymore

From Alien (ET) to Angel (Charlie’s Angels), this actress debut at age 7 and
has been criticized through every phase of her aging process. One point we
can’t criticize: today she looks FANTASTIC! Although Photoshophelped I’m
sure (note her ACTUAL face shape), her face is great for promoting the bold
beauty of Intense Shadow Blast eye shadow with looks for any age.

Intense Shadow Blast
Product review: CoverGirl Good
· Easy to apply, easy to blend
· A rich, waterproof eyeshadow with a built-in primer so color lasts
· Color range anyone can experiment with

Ellen Degeneres

“Hello Wrinkle Face” she says as she is posing for the camera. Bold. Funny.
And an ideal candidate to send a playful message about a not-so-playful
topic: aging. She is 54 years old but can you tell? Not if she is wearing her
Simply Ageless Foundation right? If you are looking at her CoverGirlphotos
of course she looks, well, simply ageless. While these complexion products
are a brilliant union between the Olay skin care brand and CoverGirl the
beauty brand, this foundation is much too thick to smooth those wrinkles
out. So a computer is used to do the job.

COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation
Product review: CoverGirl Goof
· Thick foundation literally sits on top of the skin looking like a
· Can’t blend to make more sheer
· Difficult to find match for skin because colors change drastically once
· Mature skin feels coated, not moisturized as claimed
Better option: Simply Ageless Concealer

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