The New “Girl’s Night Out”

We all love a good girl’s night out. It’s a time to let loose and forget the stresses of our day-to-day lives.

Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares five girl’s night activities that go beyond dinner and a movie.

Fauxtoshoot Details:

Fauxtoshoot offers themed photo shoot parties where friends can gather and get ready together for one of the funniest nights of their lives as they cheer each other on – on and off camera. Recreate those terrible 80s & 90s photographs like the Glamour shots your mom wouldn’t let you have or that double exposure shoot you missed the first time. It’s a night full of memories preserved in a terrible photo.

Fauxtoshoot is available for private parties & corporate events. Find them on Instagram (@fauxtoshoot) and online to book at Fauxtoshoot is also announcing a really fun event with Glamour Gels this week so be sure to follow Fauxtoshoot on Instagram so you don’t miss that fun night.

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