The New Wrapping Paper: Kraft Creations

Roll over wrapping paper – there’s a new guy in town!

Studio 5 Contributor Kelly Brown shares five reasons why kraft paper should be your go-to gift wrap this season.

Simple, clean and a bit retro….these are the words that come to mind when I think of kraft paper. This year, I have crafted up 5 ways to bring a little “kraft” to your Christmas wrapping.

All of my gift wrapping began with a nice solid kraft paper. The greatest thing about kraft paper is that it is available at a number of retailers and it is fairly inexpensive. Try looking for it with the packaging and mailing supplies if it isn’t readily available in the Christmas section.

To dress up my packages, I used a solid jute as well as a green bakers twine. I love the way these simple ties are right in line with the “kraft” style.

1. Patterned Paper Piecing

Get creative with your old paper scraps and your presents will never look better! To create these whimsical packages, begin by wrapping your gift in kraft paper, then
pull out all your old patterned paper and start cutting. A Christmas tree is so easy to make with just strips of paper. I used 3/4″ strips that were cut in 1/2″ increments to create my tree. Top with a button star and you are set to go. A little black letter lining helps to define the tree as well.

To create the “Polka Package,” use a circle punch and patterned paper to cut dots for your package. Adhere dots with glue stick or other adhesive. You can make a quick tag out of one of the remaining circle punches tied onto a cute ribbon, or write directly on one of that adhered circles.

2. Christmas Tree Wrapper

This fun packaging is like a big Christmas Tree Hug for your gift! Begin by wrapping your gift first in kraft paper. Select a fun green paper to make your Christmas Trees. (*HINT* a lighter weight paper is best) These trees can be as tall or short as desired, just match them to the height of your gift. Accordion fold your green paper to the width you would like your trees to be (you may need to adhere multiple sheets together to make it wrap all the way around your package). Be creative in cutting your Christmas Tree shape from the accordion folded paper. You can also draw your tree on your paper first to prevent mishaps. Be careful to leave at least some of the tree branch tips connected so that it becomes a wrapper. Adhere the tree border around the package in a nice tight “hug”. Add buttons, rhinestones, stars or other elements to trees as desired. Top it off with a bit of ribbon or jute. You can hand wright the name directly on your package or create a separate bow.

3. Hand Drawn Wrapping

The possibilities are endless with this creative wrapping style. Use a white gel pen, white sharpie marker, or even a white-out pen (my preferred drawing instrument) to create designs on your packaging. *Hint* If designs will run over edges or curves, you will want to create your artwork prior to wrapping your gift. You can customize your design for the recipient or go with a generic Christmas theme. Highlighting pieces of your artwork with a black pen or marker adds extra definition to this style.

4. Typography Gift Wrap

Go for sleek and simple with a typography themed gift wrap. To create this look on your own, wrap packages with plain kraft paper. Use a digital cutting machine or visit your local scrapbook store to die-cut letters from patterned paper, old book pages, or newspaper. You can spell out entire names or go with a single monogram. Adhere letters to boxes and watch them transform from plain and ordinary to chic and retro.

5. Lacey Love Wrapping

The effect of white lace against simple kraft paper is simply ethereal. Enjoy a little creativity in your kraft wrapping by adding lace strips, doilies or total lace fabric to your package. Try wrapping doilies in different directions across your gifts and you will get a totally different look. You will love the hint of vintage this wrapping inspires.

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