The Other Botox Injections

Dr. Steve Jepson is here with some lesser known facial areas where Botox can be injected.

I’ve talked about Botox several times on Studio 5 over the last few years, explaining how it relaxes facial muscles and smoothes wrinkles. And I’ve shown viewers the facial areas where Botox is most commonly injected (angry brow, forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes). But there are some lesser known facial areas where Botox can be injected. And once my patients learn about them, they love getting Botox there, too!

Eyebrow Lift

You may have noticed that with time, the upper eyelid and brow can start to droop a little. Botox can be injected into the eyebrow area to help lift your eyebrows and help remedy that problem. I also see a lot of younger patients who aren’t drooping yet, but like the injection because they want their eyebrows to sit a little higher. The injection also helps open the eyes, making them look brighter and helping you look more refreshed. And some people have uneven eyebrows – one sits higher than the other. Botox can be injected into the lower-sitting eyebrow to help restore eyebrow symmetry.

Mouth Frown

Because Botox is a muscle relaxer, we can also use it to reshape certain areas of the face by relaxing muscles that are causing some other undesirable effect. A perfect example is droopy mouth corners. As a lot of people start to age, they notice that the corners of their mouth start to head south and they start to look like they have a permanent frown or sad look. This can be fixed with Botox. I simply inject some Botox into the muscle that attaches to the corner of your mouth and pulls it down. This muscle extends down to your jawline which is where the injection is typically placed. Relaxing this muscle will allow the muscles above the mouth to pull those droopy corners back up to even. And don’t worry, you will not develop a perma-smile or Joker-face.

Lip Flip/Pout

Botox can also be injected close to the lip border to induce a slight lip flip. The border between the pink lip tissue and regular upper lip skin is called the vermillion border. Some women have a very defined border—almost like a shelf. These same women also typically have a fairly full upper lip. Many women though have a thin upper lip, and aging women lose this border altogether as the lip tissues start to regress. By injecting Botox just above this vermillion border, the muscle relaxes and the lip subtly turns outward. The effect is a fuller upper lip in someone with thin lips, or restoration of a younger-looking lip border in women with aging lips. It is a great alternative for someone wanting a subtle lip enhancement who doesn’t want to have filler injected (such as Restylane or Juvederm). Botox can also be injected just under the lower lip in the center of the mouth. This results in a slight bottom lip pout.

Bumpy Chin

Some people have a bumpy chin. It’s not bumpy all the time, but certain emotions or situations will cause them to lift their chin muscle, with a resultant bumpy chin. This too can be prevented by injecting Botox into the chin muscle and preventing the motion.

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