The Perfect White Elephant Gifts

This is the time of year when parties often have a “white elephant” or fun gift
exchange. Definitions vary on what type of gift you should bring, but we
tried to round up some inexpensive ideas that will have guests talking and
laughing, or trying to swap to get what you brought.

Z Gallerie

Gingerbread Man X-Ray Cookie Cutter $7.95

Dino hands $8.95

Book of Insults and Comebacks $8.95

Hot Topic

Superman or Wonder Woman Comfy Throw $10.00

Giant Gummy Bear $6.99

Foaming Zombie Candy $2.50


Massage Pen $4.99

Breeze Pen $7.50

Santa Popper $9.99

Urban Outfitters

Scratch and Sniff stickers $3.00

Bandages $7.00

IStuck Cell Phone Holder $6.00

Space Food Sticks $1.99

Stache Straws $12.00

Cootie Catcher Pad $1.99


Christmas Tags $5.60

Felt Balls $5.60

White Elephant $128.00

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