The Power Of A Mother’s Love

Local attorney and author, Steve Mikita, explains how his mother’s love helped him live a life of possibility despite a challenging, physical disability.

His mother couldn’t teach him how to walk or how to ride a bike. But she did teach him something even more important; she taught him how to pray without kneeling. I Sit All Amazed is the story of Steve Mikita – a story of a life about reaching possibilities despite disabilities.

Steve Mikita was born with spinal muscular atrophy which has left Steve no option but to live his life from a wheelchair. However, in no way has that deterred him from living a rich, meaningful life. In 1978, Steve graduated from Duke University and prepared for his career as an attorney. He works as the assistant attorney general for the State of Utah, and has made more than 40 appearances before the Utah Supreme Court.

The title of the book, I Sit All Amazed, largely reflects Steve’s experiences with his mother, Mildred Mikita. “No one should ever underestimate the profound power of a mother’s love,” Steve writes.” I can say that the foundation of my faith and the cornerstone of my testimony are the result of my mother’s love… Without her love, I would never have come to know His love.”

An inspiration to all, whether disabled or struggling with personal trials, Steve and his mother illustrate a life focused on hope, charity and possibility. “He didn’t bring you this far to fail,” Mildred often repeated to Steve as he struggled through surgeries and learning to live his life in a wheelchair. Mildred was told multiple times to prepare for her son’s death, but instead, raised him to live a life of joy.

I Sit All Amazed: The Extraordinary Power of a Mother’s Love is available at Deseret Book and wherever LDS products are sold.

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