The Rose Clinic: Migraine Therapy

The use of medications for migraine headache relief has helped migraine sufferers to a certain degree. The patient generally has to endure symptoms until their medications take effect. Also, patients generally endure an array of side effects associated with their medications. The discovery that surgery can greatly decrease or eliminate migraine headaches has given hope to those that suffer from this debilitating disorder.

Dr. Kevin Rose with the Rose Clinic offers more

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Kevin Rose, M.D. is a highly skilled surgeon in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. In addition, he offers pioneering techniques in migraine relief surgery.

Dr. Rose is one of only a small handful of surgeons in the nation trained in this revolutionary new approach to treating and relieving migraine headaches. This unique set of skills in cosmetic, reconstructive and migraine surgery bring to you a unique surgeon with skills never offered before in Utah and the surrounding area. Dr. Rose has unmatched bed-side manner and genuine concern for each of his patients.

Dr. Rose offers a pioneering surgical approach to those who suffer from migraine headaches. A close connection between specific areas plastic surgeons work with for cosmetic reasons and trigger sites for migraine headaches was discovered by Dr. Bahman Guyuron. After a great deal of research, this discovery has lead to a revolutionary new approach to treating those who suffer from migraine headaches. Dr. Rose met, did research and trained with Dr. Guyuron in Ohio.

Dr. Rose takes extreme care in working with each patient and their referring neurologist or family practice physician. The results have been dramatic in reducing or eliminating the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. This relief has positive far reaching effects on each patient, their family, friends, co-workers and others whose lives are touched by a migraine sufferer.

Dr. Rose will meet with a patient during an initial consultation and discuss their specific set of circumstances. The patient will begin to track their migraine headaches with the use of a calendar. Variables such as frequency, severity, location and duration of migraine headaches are tracked each day for one month.

With this information Dr. Rose will then begin a series of injections using Botox in specific trigger sites. One site is injected at a time, with one month in between injections. The patient tracks the results during the month following each injection with their calendar. This process is continued for two to three months, depending on the trigger sites for each patient. This information gives Dr. Rose the necessary data he needs to further diagnose a patient and predict the likely outcome of surgery. Those patients who observe a significant reduction in frequency and severity of migraine headaches with the use of Botox are considered excellent candidates for surgery. The surgery does on a permanent basis what the Botox does on a temporary basis.

The Result being reported from patients following surgery is a significant reduction in migraine headache frequency, severity/intensity and duration. This is truly a revolutionary approach to treating migraine headaches. Dr. Rose is a ‘pioneer’ in bringing this surgical approach to Utah and the western region.

For more information on The Rose Clinic, check out their site at Dr. Rose offers services in cosmetic, reconstructive and migraine relief surgery.

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