The Ruffle Tree Skirt

I needed a new tree skirt this year, so after searching to the ends of the earth I realized that there is absolutely NOTHING out there that I liked! So I made my own what do you think?

I very much wish that I could take full credit for this idea, but I actually was inspired by a similar skirt I saw on Pinterest, so this is our version!

I started out with 1 1/2 yards of a heavy muslin fabric (this helps the skirt lay well). I folded the fabric in on itself like you would to make a snowflake.

Then I measured from the base of my tree to the outer edge of the branches (mine was about 22 inches), then I set my measuring tape down on the inside corner of my fabric and traced a line with a pen.

Then I just cut along my traced line and cut the tip off to make a hole for your base. After you’ve done this you should have an almost perfect circle when you unfold it!

Then just cut a straight slit down one side so that you can wrap it around your tree base.

Now your ready for your main fabric! I ended up using almost 4 yards of fabric! Then just cut your fabric in long strips, I did mine about 4 inches thick and I totally eyeballed it! Why stress yourself out with being precise?!

Then you take your handy dandy glue gun and starting on the outer edge of your circle make a line of glue about 5 inches long and start pinching and pressing your fabric strip into it. It feels awkward at first but once you get the hang of it it goes pretty fast! Then just continue along your edge till you get to the end and start a new layer about 2 inches above your first!

After you have burned your fingers off and said a few choice words you will have a FABULOUS tree skirt to show off this holiday season!!!

The Ruffle Table Runner

So to take the ruffles one step further my cute mama came up with another way to bring out your inner Ruffle Diva! The Ruffle Table Runner! YAY!

Oh yes my friends this is FABULOUS!!!! Once again mom you have outdone yourself! I hope one day you pass on your magical powers of decor onto me! So believe it or not this is actually easier to make than the tree skirt! She just used the same technique I just showed you, but glued it to an old table runner!

She used all different fabric prints which I LOVE! Then she just Folded the edges over and glued them to give it a more finished look!

Then when she was done she glued some chunky ribbon across her middle seam to finish it all off!

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! What do you think? Really let us know, we LOVE hearing from you all!!!!!

Here are a few others we threw together for you!

P.S. A little trick to ensure that you dont burn your fingers off, gardening gloves work great when you are using hot glue!

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