The Seasonal Switch: Winter to Summer Skincare Changes

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone explains where to make the switch.

When using skin care products, our goal is usually:

1) correct past assaults

2) prevent future problems

3) maintain skin in a balanced state
Identifying your skin type can help you select the most ideal products to achieve any of the above goals.

Dry Skin:

• Often tight or taut

• Dry and flaky throughout the day

• Pores are small or invisible

• Many surface lines (caused by aging or dehydrated skin)

• Often sensitive to products

Normal or Combination Skin (because even normal skin has variations)

• Occasionally dry

• Occasionally oily in T-zone

• Medium pores

• Some surface lines

• Pores are small-medium sized

Oily Skin:

• Greasiness and shiny throughout the day

• Uneven and rough texture

• Breakouts common (skin that is highly acne-proned generally requires dermatological intervention)

• Large pores

• Few surface lines

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin IS NOT a skin type but rather a symptom of a skin type. Someone with dry skin may have sensitive skin and someone with oily skin may have sensitive skin. Thus it is best to treat the skin type with products formulated for that skin type with special properties of ALSO being ideal for sensitive skin:

Skin type can fluctuate with these changes:

1. Hormone

2. Diet

3. Lifestyle

4. Genetics

5. Geographical regions

6. Age (the older we get, the quicker our skin evaporates water T.E.W.L.=trans epidermal water loss)

7. Climate or season changes

Because of these changes, it is important to assess your skin type often and change your skin care products so they support skin throughout these changes.

When it comes to the seasonal switch, going from winter to summertime is a critical time, especially in the western desert region because dry heat is more appealing for extended sun exposure. Also, summer heat dehydrates skin, less moisture in the air

3 products to assess for changing season: If dry or combo skin, switch to products uniquely for dry skin. If oily skin, switch to combination skin products to also sustain moisture levels.


Because summer is time of more frequent outdoor activity, often women like to wear a lighter-weight foundation that still gives adequate moisture. Opt for a tinted moisturizer or mineral liquid foundation with SPF for your skin type to even out skin tone, provide moisture, and give adequate sun protection.

Holly’s Product Picks:

MAC Mineralize satin finish SPF 15, Nordstrom, $25

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Nordstrom, $40


For daytime opt ALWAYS for SPF and re-apply frequently during extended sun exposure. Because skin can be drier, look for a richer cream at night rather than a lotion.

Holly’s Product Picks:

Day Moisturizer: Neutrogena Healthy Defense, SPF 30 $9.99

Night Moisturizer for dry skin: Olay Regenerist
Micro Sculpting Cream, Target, $21

Night Moisturizer for combination skin: Cetaphil Moisture Cream Combo, Walgrens, $15.95


Increased activity, higher and drier temperatures result in sweating and more dust in the air. Cleanse morning and night for best results.

Holly’s Product Picks:

For dry skin: Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser, $ 15.95,
For combination skin: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $12.99, Wal-mart

Products which should remain consistent regardless of season changes:

• Exfoliator

• Toner

• Treatment (eye, anti-aging etc)

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