The Swanky Isis: Satin Slippers

Natalie Lawrence, co-founder of The Swanky Isis, an online children’s fashion and trends blog, shows us how to dye and dress up your own Satin Slippers.

We first spotted these sassy slippers on and instantly fell in love with the concept! Dying your own shoe base gives you custom control – you can make it to perfectly match any outfit or event. And it’s not as hard (or messy!) as you might think. We used color recipes found at After making a warm dye bath in a plastic tub, apply dye with sponge brush and watch the hue spread throughout the satin. Allow to dry or even assist drying with a hair dryer.

We found “Coloriffics” brand shoes at and purchased them at for next day delivery and free shipping ($33.95).

At The Swanky Isis we’re all about the accessories, so we loved being able to top off and dress up these ballet babies with whatever fancy fun you have on hand. Adorn dyed slippers with bells, ribbon, beads etc.

The Swanky Isis’s two biggest dying tips: you can always go darker, so start lighter if you aren’t sure AND test your material first; all fabrics take dye differently

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