The UnValentine

The UnValentine by Sam Beeson is a delightfully crafted tale about Lily, a cynical young girl who doesn’t believe in love and utterly detests all the trappings of traditional Valentine sentiments. But – there’s a twist to this story that will capture the hearts of Valentine’s Day most strident disbelievers.


Unlike any Valentine’s card you’ve ever seen, this little book of verse, with whimsical paintings by Jesse Draper, indulge the most disheartened, even charming a few.

“This ritual, conducted under heart-shaped, crimson flag, does absolutely nothing for me, but to make me gag!” says Lily. Until……On February fourteenth at exactly ten-o-four (the point when Lily thought that she could stomach it no more); she discovers on her desk a crumpled paper by her purse that causes a turn in events. A note, a verse from a boy who shares her anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment causes conflicting feelings of the cutesy things for which she so adamantly protests.

In the end “A ray of hope from Ray the boy caused Lily’s heart to bloom, and Lily’s hate for Valentines got up and left the room.”

For those who dare, The UnValentine is available nationwide at bookstores and online. It includes six tear-out cards with very “UnValentine” sentiments for the less romantically inclined.


About the Author

Sam Beeson
teaches creative writing, Shakespeare, and English at American Fork High School. He and his wife, Sarah, have five children: enviable Eliza, biddable Buzz, coquettish Claire, jokester Jack, and amazing Andy. Sam tries to write something every day and spends his leisure time ignoring the family dog, Happy, and playing Grammar Punk.

About the Illustrator

Jesse Draper
has been drawing, water-coloring, and oil painting since he started cutting teeth. A classically trained artist, he spent years overseas studying Russian icons, collecting unique cameras, and eating lots of cabbage. His north-facing studio gives him just enough privacy to make him happy and just enough indirect lighting to paint images such as those seen in this book.

About the Book:

The UnValentime

By Sam Beeson

Illustrated By Jesse Draper

Published by Shadow Mountain

Publication Date: December 2007


Price: $12.95

ISBN 978-1-59038-843-3

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