The Wonders of Wallpaper

The Wonders of Wallpaper!

Wallpaper is not just a blast from the past. There are some amazing new, current and fabulous wallpapers available.

Designer Tausha Hoyt shares some fun projects using wallpaper.

My $300 kitchen makeover was done with a lot of help from paintable bead board wallpaper. After I painted my cabinets, I added wallpaper to some of them, and also around my bar. I wanted it to look a little more “loved” so I added some oil based stain to give them the look I wanted.

If you have a small room, such as a bathroom, or an entry, this is the perfect space to try out the wallpaper. You can be bold in your color choices or pattern choices or bother. These areas are often forgotten, wallpaper will definitely help you remember them.

This is my entryway. I wallpapered with some beadboard wallpaper. You can see this entry way from my kitchen, so I wanted to keep a flow with the kitchen. I didn’t paint this wallpaper. I just left it white. I added some trim and some fun crystal, knobs to finish off the “wow” factor.image

From Blah furniture to Fab furniture!

Old window turns barn door

I had an old window that my lovely children broke the glass out of. I had an aha-moment when I figured out that I could turn it into an old barn door with the help of some wallpaper.

I had some think wood cut to size and then wallpapered it. I added some oil based stain to give it an old, weathered look. I added an old rusty, handle and I was finished.


Boring headboard?

Does your headboard need a little something, something?

I added this scroll wallpaper to a headboard. I spray painted the wallpaper so you the detail would really stand out. Simple, cheap and fantastic! (the scroll wallpaper came from Lowes)

Turn a frame to tray with wallpaper

I had an old forgotten, seen better days frame. I painted it, added some knobs and feet. I then cut some wallpaper to fit and put it under the glass. I put it under the glass so I could put stuff on the tray. Drinks, food, etc.

Supplies needed: (you can pick up all of these things at Lowes)

You will need to have some wallpaper (I know, you already knew that)

A wallpaper smoother

Bucket or wallpaper trough

Exacto knife& a wallpaper sponge

Some frequently asked questions I get about wallpaper.

Please know that I am NOT the wallpaper guru-or professional wallpaper-er. I am just extremely opinionated and have an obsession with trying new things.

How well has the wallpaper in your home held up?

A: I have had no problems with the wallpaper. You do need to remember that wallpaper is paper, so it’s somewhat soft. So, the wallpaper around my bar-does have some marks and such (where my kids have kicked it) but, I know that whatever I would have put there would have marks.

Can I paint wallpaper?

Yes- As long as it is the paintable wallpaper. You can use water base and oil base paint. You can also spray paint the wallpaper. When I did my kitchen-I did use an oil based stain over the wallpaper-just so I could get the extra layer of protection that oil based paint will give you.

Are there other places that I can buy wallpaper besides wallpaper stores?

Yes-Lowes carries all kinds of wallpaper-some paintable and some not. The wallpaper that they carry is very reasonably priced. You will pay anywhere from $13 a roll up to $45 a roll.

Lowes carries a brand called Allen Roth and I really love this line. His designs are very current and on trend. Lowes has an interactive website just for this line of wallpaper. You can pick the room pick the wallpaper, pick the color, & pick the style. You pick which pattern you like, order the sample, which is only $1.29 for an 8×10 piece. You can pick it up at Lowes. Then you can order the roll you want. I love that you can get a sample of the paper before you buy the whole roll. If it could get any better, there are some papers in this line that are easy up/easy down. Guaranteed to come off in full sheets! Awesome right? This is a great way to have “trendy” décor in your house without doing your whole house and starting over.

Please don’t think that wallpaper is all funky, forest green floral and character borders. You can totally transform an area in less than a day and with even less money. Go for it! Trust me, you will love it!

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