Top Home Furnishing Trends for 2011

Top Home Furnishing Trends for 2011

Keep up with the hippest trends in home décor. Each year, new products are introduced and new trends are launched! So what’s new for spring 2011?

Designer Jennifer Chipman with The Quaint Home Interior Design shares the hippest new design trends for 2011.

· Water and Beach Themes: water is a key theme for home décor in 2011. This is trend is mostly seen by using all water colors, but it also includes prints with water animals, vegetation, and water features. This was the #1 trend seen at spring market in all price points and categories. Beach inspiration is always beautiful and calming and this year we are seeing it with white washed furniture, reclaimed materials, beach chairs and LOTS of outdoor furniture being used indoors.

· Bright Colors with neutrals: Besides the water blue colors coral and melons are going to be big! Purples, teals and light olive greens are also forecasted to be popular colors for 2011 and 2012. Many people are not comfortable with lots of color so you may see these being used as accents or BOLD color blocking designs with the main use of color being warm greys, taupe, and other neutrals.

· Mod revival: retro inspiration can be seen in many accessories, lighting, and furniture. MODULAR storage cubes, metal legs and cube shapes in upholstery are also still very popular.

· 21st Century Classical: This is the look of American Traditional with a Twist. Classic clean styling of American Traditional with an updated modern feel. This look has the comfort of tradition mixed with fresh contemporary inspiration. I expect this new movement to really take hold and stay for a while. As a result of the recent economic downturn people are drawn to the security of traditional pieces that have style longevity, but also like the fresh look of a more modern clean style. Expect to see traditional furniture with modern influence, like for example a classic wood piece with modern metal hardware or a traditional style lamp in an unexpected bold color.

· STEAMPUNK: Steampunk is a term that refers to the mix of vintage industrial materials with traditional elements. It is another way we can create a feeling of nostalgia in a modern world. Steampunk accessories are all the rage and will continue to be popular. You will most likely see this influence in lamps, clocks, office accessories and wall art.

· TEXTURE: texture is everywhere right now! Raw woven fabrics, textured wall papers, carved wood, frayed edges, puckers, pleats, embossing, woven in ribbons, etched ceramics….all are visible in the market place. Consumers can expect to see lots more of this look.

· Tribal Influence: Another style direction consumers may notice is the tribal influence. Think Mayan, Inkan and Hopi tribes: distressed leather, ikat prints, reclaimed wood, kilims, and agate or geode accessories will be widely available.

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