The World of More

Ray Child from Comcast tells more about The World Of More

Getting the greatest value for your money is satisfying and rewarding. And getting more for what you are already paying is even better. If you are a Comcast Standard cable customer, you can get access to thousands of additional program options including movies, TV series’ and more for the same amount you are paying today by becoming part of Comcast’s World of More.

The World of More is an initiative that migrates analog channels to digital channels, making room for more digital and HD television channels. With World of More you can get access to high quality digital video and sound on all channels and instant access to more than 17,000 movies on Comcast On Demand anytime simply by calling Comcast and arranging to get digital boxes to install on the TVs in your home. Customers with HD service can also get more than 3,000 HD choices. In addition, World of More will bring additional HD choices, faster internet speeds and enhanced phone services in the future.

Comcast customers who subscribe to standard cable or digital cable and have a TV connected to Comcast service without a Digital Set Top Box will need to install digital boxes to take advantage of the World of More. Customers with Standard cable service who don’t have digital boxes connected to TVs in their homes can receive up to three digital connectors (in the form of a digital set-top box and two digital adapters) to accommodate up to three TVs that aren’t already connected to a digital box, at no additional cost. Any additional digital adapters you may need are just $1.99 per month. Digital Starter customers can also receive up to two free digital adapters depending on how many TVs they already have connected to digital boxes.

Once you have digital service you will be able to access a wealth of movies on Comcast On Demand from the blockbuster hit Avatar, to romantic comedies like Leap Year, to family favorites such as The Princess and the Frog at the touch of a remote control any time of the day, any day of the week, with pause, fast-forward and reverse capability. Comcast really does provide great TV programming at your convenience, and on your terms.

Ordering and installing digital boxes on the TVs in your home is quick and easy. You can call 1-800-COMCAST, go online at, or pick up digital boxes at any Comcast customer service center. If you order the boxes by phone or online shipping is free, and the boxes come in a Self Install Kit (SIK) with easy-to-understand instructions, and everything you need to install the boxes yourself.

In addition to offering the World of More, Comcast also offers outstanding customer service with the Comcast Customer Guarantee:

• A 30 day money-back guarantee on all services

• Customers can call Comcast customer service representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Comcast offers the best and most video choices, easy-to understand packages, and a clear bill.

• The company will address any problems that customers experience and if the issue is not resolved after a first visit, Comcast will extend a complimentary service.

• Comcast will schedule appointments at customers’ convenience. If Comcast fails to arrive on time for a scheduled visit, the customer will receive a $20 credit to their account.

For more information customers can call 1-800-Comcast, or go to