magic in everyday
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There is magic in everyday! Here are 3 ways to help you see it

Find magic in everyday by changing your perspective.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the mundane and monotony of everyday life.

Well que the song Magic by Pilot, because Tiffany Peterson claims there’s magic all around us, we just have to “never believe it’s not so.”

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3 Ways to Find Magic in Everyday

  1. Choose to see the magic — choice governs our lives and choice is stronger than circumstances.


  1. Focus on the little things. The little things are everything and add up to the big things. Seeing a baby smile, the sunrise, a kind word, flowers blooming…notice them.


  1. Gratitude is a magic maker in anyone’s life. What we focus on expands. What are you grateful for? Keep a gratitude journal. Say thankful prayers or praise. See and acknowledge the good.

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