• What happened to the other newsman, where did he go.
    Do we still have our traffic gal

    • Hi Norman! Andrew Wittenberg isn’t with KSL anymore. But we’re happy to have Dan Spindle join the KSL Morning Team! Yes, Haley Smith will still be doing traffic. Thanks for reaching out!

      • Too bad, Andrew was a breath of fresh air….and it was much better when Andy Farnsworth did the traffic…..

      • I didn’t like Andrew at all, don’t like Lori either. Love Hayley, Shara and the new guy but Grant is my favorite.

  • You skirt the question about Andrew abruptly disappearing. You owe your viewers an explanation or closure.

  • Don’t treat the viewers like dummies. Give us an answer as to why Andrew Wittenberg is gone.

  • I really liked Andrew, too! What happened to him? I don’t care for Haley at all! She is too silly and obnoxious. Give me info on Andrew, please.

  • I’ve been trying to find out what happened to Andrew Whittenberg, but it’s like he just vanished with no send off or anything. I have really enjoyed watching him on the noon news. He’s a regular guy, and his personality and comments were refreshing, and likable. At first I thought that perhaps he was on vacation, but now every day it is the new guy. Did he move on to a different station? A different City/State? What happened to Andrew Whittenberg??? Inquiring and disappointed minds want to know.

  • The new guy isn’t a good fit! He has big shoes to fill Andrew had a great personality! It would be nice to know what happened to him and where he’s at?? Casey Scott got a DUI and a show and you didn’t have a problem telling us about it
    You owe us an explanation!!

  • They did the same thing to Scott Haws. Then skirt the questions. Watching Channel 2 now.

  • KSL should really come clean and just tell everyone where ANDREW WITTENBERG went, & perhaps why he left. I agree with an earlier comment that it was a very similar situation when SCOTT HAWS & TONYA PAPANIKOLAS left. What is the big secret?

    • Bonneville Communications is kind of like that. One day you are in and the next yiu are gone
      Look at Waldi from the arrow he was a ratings hit and then he was out
      Maybe it’s an LDS thing

  • Yay!!! I just moved from AZ and was missing Dan!! I’m so happy he’s with KSL! Welcome to Utah Dan!!

    • I wonder if contractually (non compete type clauses) the anchors or the stations aren’t allowed to say where they go. It seems most take about 6 months off (I’m thinking industry standard or as severance) and then reappear elsewhere.

  • Please share with us where Andrew went, he was the reason I watched channel 5 news at 6:00 am. We the viewers deserve an open answer to where he went.

  • Welcome Dan – sorry to see Andrew gone I like him too — I LOVE HALEY SHE’S AWESOME ! love her jokes – keep up the great work morning crew !! LOVE YOU ALL !!!

  • I will miss Andrew and I lOVE Haley!! A little silliness and gooeyness is refreshing in a world that seems to only reports doom and gloom

  • We too are missing Andrew and would like to know where he went. Lori and Andrew were a good fit for the morning team. Hailey too is a fun personality to have in the morning. Who is the new sports guy replacing?

  • I miss Andrew as well…he was the BEST thing on the morning news. Lori And Haley are BOTH ridiculous and I would love to see Shara Park there full time. Bring back Andy for the traffic and let him sit at the desk. He was good. Deanne Wimmer is the true classy lady. Love the evening team….I watch the news to get news…silliness has no place for a news show. Take Lori and Haley off and I would probably watch the am news too.

  • What? No way Lori is amazing. She is not silly or act crazy. I love Lori and Andrew together they were a great team. I totally agree about Deanne Wimmer, she is a class act! Lori is just like a young Deanne.

  • I agree KSL should tell the truth, where did Andrew Wittenberg go?

    I think Haley’s humor is great. Lori is very professional. They make KSL worth watching. KSL should practice what it preaches be honest about Andrew.


  • So glad to see Dan Spindle in Salt Lake as I was missing him here in Phoenix. Give him a chance and he will brighten your day and you just might get to hear him sing at a Jazz game.
    Now I will watch KSL when I am in town.

    • He is obnoxious, seems entitled and try’s way too hard, I don’t like him. He’s a perfect fit with Lori, way way too mono for me. Dan and Hailey are the BEST.

  • Just quit wathing channel 5 altogether…it’s church owened biased reporting and won’t give answers when people disappear…just like when you go against tbe church…it’s a sham and and they think thete the voice of the people….NOT ANYMORE..it’s time they were put in tbeir place and told to dry up and blow away!

  • Andrew left for other opportunities. I emailed one of the morning leads and thats what I was told. They did have a goodbye for Andrew but I missed it. People in that business are coming and going all the time. Sorry Greg is so hung up on the church. Yes KSL is church owned but there reporting is the same as others for whats important.

  • Where’s Andrew? Why, where,? And etc. I’m a faithful watcher and his disappearance is saddening.

    • We need to know about Andrew!! I’ve quite watching KSL since he’s been gone. We want Andrew back!!!

  • I quit watching KSL news in the morning because if the stupid corny jokes with traffic. I know watch channel 4. I thought Andrew was great. Tuned into KSL today for the news conference. That’s when I saw the new guy. Nice to see a fresh face, but not sure I will switch back because if the dumb jokes.

  • Would much rather see Andrew whittenberg back. Not a fan of this new guy- seems fake. In fact, I’m watching other morning shows and I’ve been a loyal KSL fan

  • Our family was sorry to see Dan Spindle leave Ariz, especially since he was home -grown here. We certainly miss him during the Channel 15 morning show. Hoping nothing but the best for you and your family in Utah. We also enjoyed your singing at a few of Az sporting events.

  • Wow, so many negative comments! Change happens and I admit it takes a while to get to know the new journalists. However, in true KSL tradition, every new face bring their own expertise and talent. Dan and Lori have a great chemistry. Welcome Dan!

  • Bring back Andrew Wittenberg. Sorry but you just don’t fit Andrew was twice the reporter You Are.!

  • I’m missing Andrew as well… I would like to know what he is doing with his journalism talents.
    All my best to him!

  • I’m still missing Andrew Wittenberg. I have now quit watching KSL. Dan Spindle just doesn’t cut it. It’s probably a good thing I switched morning news programs. If I had to listen to Haley Smith tell one more of her stupid jokes I’d probably lose my breakfast anyway.

  • First Andrew with no reason as to why he is gone amd now Lori is gone with no goodbye or reason. I’m very confused why you keep your viewers in the dark

  • Yes, I miss Andrew whittenberg too. I will never his forget his news reports in Rios Olympic Games. Great!
    Dan Spindal is getting exhausting watching him over take the morning news. I feel nauseas watching him keep flapping his arms so much, somebody tie them down please.