Think Big: Utah Mama’s

by Ashley Hayes, KSL-TV


Like most young mothers, when Stephanie Peterson had her first child she didn’t know what to expect. Or what to do with her new family. She talked it over with friend Rachael Herrcher and found she was not alone in feeling that way.

“The book came as a result of frustration over trying to find information for our kids and families,” Herrcher explains.

“Moms don’t have two hours to spend online looking for an event to do for the weekend, or if they are trying to find a dance place for their little girl, they don’t have time to call twenty different dance places,” Peterson said.

“That’s what we’ve tried to do with our resources, is make it as simple as possible.

The two women recognized a need and capitalized on it.
Since October 2004, they released not one, but two editions of “The Utah Mama’s Handbook.”

“We try and include everything that’s available without making the book 1000 pages,” Peterson laughs.

The idea quickly spread and the idea is know available in Houston, Phoenix, Vegas, Seattle, Spokane, D.C., Santa Cruz, San Diego, South Florida and Utah.

For two full time Utah Mamas updating the book, website, calendars, and answering blogs is a challenge, but they say as long as the ideas keep coming… they’ll keep writing them down.

“To be able to k now you’re helping other moms out and making a difference no matter how small that difference may be,” Peterson said.

It’s already made a difference raising her second child… little Lincoln.
She knows exactly what to expect and the places to take him. As for original inspiration,
Logan, to his credit, there is now a handbook to guide her through his growing years.


Five Ways to Achieve Your Big Dreams

By Stephanie Peterson and Rachel Herrcher, Co-founders, Utah Mama’s

Dream Big:

Is your big dream to start a non-profit agency or turn your sewing hobby into a business? Perfect you are already dreaming big. Ladies Who Launch is a great way to get started turning your dream into a reality. You sign up for an incubator, which meets weekly for 6 weeks, and you meet other women who may have already started their own business or are in your same situation. You encourage each other, get great ideas and realize that your dream can become a reality.

If you’re not quite sure how to read a balance sheet or wondering how to write a press release, have no fear, with universities nearby and the World Wide Web at our fingertips it’s easier now more than ever to get educated. Don’t be afraid to sign up for an accounting class or do some research online for how to write a press release.


Don’t be afraid to tell people what you have going on, if you are just starting out or already have a business up and running telling those around you is a great way to get ideas. Start Up Princess is a great place to start networking. The women who have joined Start Up Princess all have great businesses and want to help. Start Up Princess has networking opportunities on a monthly basis.


You’ve got your big idea, but no money now what!! One word business plan. You won’t be able to get anywhere if you don’t know how much money you need or when to expect bringing in revenue. If you don’t know how to start writing a business plan or need correct terminology Funding Universe is a great place to start. With sample business plans and a business plan template you’re sure to walk away with a winner.


Being flexible when achieving your big dreams is key. Your business plan will probably need to be adjusted quit a few times in your journey. Your family may not see you a couple nights a week, or you may have a last minute meeting to attend. Be ready for the push and pull of business.

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